Knee Friendly 5 Day Workout


Most people assume that if their knees hurt doing one exercise, then their knees will hurt doing ALL exercises.

But it’s not true!  This knee friendly 5 day workout will treat you well, understanding that you have knee pain, but giving you exercises that still enable you to achieve your health and fitness goals!

Give the knee-friendly workout a try and see for yourself!

This Knee-Friendly Video Flip series is a complete workout package.

It’s designed with you in mind, knowing that you have knee pain, and giving you lower body exercises you can do to treat your knees well!

Why I know your knee pain…

I’ve designed the Knee-Friendly 5 Day Workout based on coaching thousands of private clients.

I’ve also worked with hundreds of trainers and students about how to work with their clients.

I’ve helped both groups of people (trainers and clients alike) with knee and other joint issues for more than 34 years!

I’ve been doing this for quite a long time, and have figured out a pain-free system that works!

What’s covered in the Knee-Friendly Package?

  • Cues your body will give you so that you’ll know how to do exercises pain-free
  • Major muscle group exercises (these help to stimulate your metabolism!)
  • Low impact exercises (to save your joints while helping you feel great)
  • What, how, and why these exercises go in the order they do (HINT! It helps to save your knees and joints from pain!)

How you will receive your Knee Friendly Package

The videos are accessed digitally. You will receive an email address and a password to log in to the website. Course Access does not expire. There is no expiration date for the videos.

Once you’re logged in on the membership page, all you have to do is click play, and you can do this right from the Flipping 50 website. (This means that there’s nothing for you to wait for in the mail, and the videos will be easily accessed online, so you don’t have to mess with finding downloads on your computer.)

Your username and password will be mailed within minutes so you can get started on your flip right away!

**You will want an exercise ball to complete the exercises for your major muscle groups of the lower body.

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