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A quick peek inside the “How to Use this Book” section:

You can pick up HNB and ?lip to the middle of the book or read it front to back. We’ve already got too many people telling us how to behave, dress, or cut our hair after 50, so I’ll leave this up to you.

“Flips” are the Flipping 50 way of changing a habit that is sab- otaging you, or adding one you’re not doing yet, with one that makes you look (and feel) 100% you. They are about changing the message you send yourself. They are about raising your expectations. They aren’t about diet deprivation, the scale, or extreme exercise, or super?icial beauty or ?lat abs tips.

One hint I share with all Flipping 50 clients and students is that if you get your “f?irst two” right the other 22 tend to go much better. So if you’re overwhelmed, focus on the ?lips in the front of the book.

From the book:

Despite what you may have heard, there is no substantive proof that weight gain, fatigue, or belly fat are mandatory parts of menopause and the second half of life.

Browse the Table of Contents: (every single “Flip” is based on AT LEAST one study featuring women in perimenopause, menopause, or post menopause) You’ll see it takes MORE than exercise for exercise to work, though it is often the catalyst for other good habits in your life.

Table of Contents

  1. Wake Naturally
  2. Drink Lemon Water
  3. Test Your Drinking Water
  4. Shine Early
  5. Clean Up Your Coffee
  6. Cream Better
  7. Two By 10
  8. Be Back Smart
  9. HIIT It Early
  • Go Pro
  • Time Food Right
  • Aim Higher
  • Supplement Smart
  • Get Sugar Smart
  • Hypnotize Yourself
  • Break Up with Make Up
  • Keep Your Promises
  • Kill Cravings
  • Bust Your Rut
  • Stop the Carbage
  • Flip On Fat Burning
  • Count on Protein
  • Go Coconuts
  • Handle Snack Attacks
  • Hydrate Right
  • Be That Girl
  • Know Beans About That
  • Test Yourself
  • Get Gut Support
  • Be Nice
  • Train Fresh, Not Fatigued
  • Pillow Talk
  • Plug Your Leaks
  • Sip Bone Broth
  • Stop the Processed
  • Go Nuts for Other Butter
  • Be Back Friendly
  • Get a Better Butt
  • Pinpoint Pain
  • Heal Your Hunger
  • Go Green
  • Eat For Sleep
  • Go Fish
  • Double Down
  • Scoop Your Poop
  • Herb Your Hormones
  • Take 3 Polite Bites
  • Be Consistent Not Perfect
  • Take Responsibility
  • Get Hot, Not Flashy
  • Make It Stick
  • Brace Yourself
  • Build Brain Health
  • Calm Yourself
  • Skip the Scale
  • Support Sleep
  • Tone with Testosterone
  • Boost Libido
  • Exercise Caution
  • Core More Often
  • Fake Change
  • Work In
  • Eat Fat Keep Muscle
  • Pitch the Pink
  • Do the Big 3
  • Be Basic, Never Boring
  • Take Recovery Seriously
  • Plan Total Stress Load
  • Crave the Root Cause
  • Reach Fatigue
  • Go DIM
  • Do It Your Whey
  • Read the Label
  • Get Busy
  • Brand Your Exercise
  • Get the Right High
  • Opportunity Knocks: Answer
  • Question Everything
  • Ask the Right Question
  • Check Leucine
  • Power Up
  • Don’t Go Nuts
  • Dance
  • Prime Yourself
  • Sleep Sound
  • Bone Up
  • Power With Plant
  • Resist Bone Loss
  • Exercise IBS Caution
  • Enjoy After Burn
  • Do Less, Better
  • Exercise for Chronic Fatigue
  • Blast Fat Fast?
  • Be A Picky Eater
  • Down Dog Blues Away
  • Lose with Yoga
  • Age Stronger
  • Avoid I’ve Tried Everything Syndrome
  • Facts Are Not Enough


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