Fast Twitch Intervals, 4 video set [Special Rate!]: You Still Got It, Girl!


The super-short interval component – not enough people are talking about – could be your secret to a better metabolism. With these 15-20 minute videos you can use as an introduction to intervals, or as workout “finishers” you’ll be safer, easier, with a better metabolism.

This set is easy, important, and at-home approved! Each workout is between 15-22 minutes. Use them as drills or “finishers” for a workout or as a workout when you’re crunched for time.

What’s Included:

Video #1 alternates 30 seconds of intervals and 30 seconds of rest

Video #2 alternates 1:00 of intervals with 1:00 of core exercise

Video #3 alternates :30 intervals and 1:00 booty work to bring up the rear

Video #4 alternates 1:00 intervals and 1:00 of strength training

No matter what the situation you’ve got an option.

How often: 

I love to suggest moving quickly for at least a few minutes every day. High Intensity Interval Training or Sprint Interval Training is best 1 or 2 times a week. These FT drills fall somewhere between. You can do them 1-3 times a week.


  • Use them after a run, walk, or bike ride.
  • Use them as your cardio if you’re just starting or need a lighter day.
  • Use them as a warm up before weights.

Fast Twitch (FT) muscles coming up! Fast twitch muscle fibers are a BFF. Here’s why:

  1. Metabolism
  2. Avoiding falls (that occur earlier in life for women who’ve lost FT muscle)

FT muscle is lost twice as fast as slow twitch fibers as you age. So you’ve got to keep doing the right things consistently.

How Do You Get and Keep Fast Twitch Fibers?

In addition to weight training (which is why this is a companion to YSGIG 4-video set), quick movements – intervals, or what I call drills – included in these videos – help. What’s important is that your FT drills go at different speeds, in different directions, and include some less common movements.

So this series fills the gap you have if you’re doing intervals running, biking, swimming… linear movements you’re already used to that don’t help as much.

You can do these as is, for short little workouts after or before weight training. You can do one of them as your weight training.

What do you need? 

No equipment for 3 of the videos. Dumbbells for the weight exercises in the strength video. You can use a ladder, and you can make your own with duct tape on the floor if you’d like to, or you can use floor boards or your imagination.

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