Is Stem Cell Therapy an Option for You? | #523

Episode #523 Stem cell therapy isn’t just for your aging knees and hips. It’s not just for pre-surgical strategies. This regenerative medicine may just be your next step to more radiant skin.

This episode explores how stem cell therapy can be a powerful tool in healing chronic conditions and preventing the decline in the aging process. That is, in every way inside out.

As a Medical Exercise Specialist, who is surrounded by clients and by physicians who utilize regenerative medicine now pre-surgery to improve outcomes and for improving natural healing from everything from knee injuries to hip replacement isn’t new to me.

But use of it in skin products is. And let’s face it (pun intended) we all put our faces out there first. We see it first in the morning, then we share it now more than ever in our images, selfies, and videos. Now more than ever we want to capture ourselves with our loved ones in photos. Yet, there’s often a reluctance to do it when you don’t see yourself in photos the way you feel on the inside.

Could this therapy help? How does it work? I explore this with my guest in this episode.

My guest:

Dr. Joy Kong is a UCLA-trained, triple board-certified physician, anti-aging and stem cell specialist, educator, and CEO. As the founder of Thea Center for Regenerative Medicine in California, she focuses her efforts on the prevention of aging decline, including chronic and degenerative conditions that no one else has been able to heal. Dr. Kong believes that complete healing can only come from looking at the whole person – mind, body, and soul. This has allowed her to address the root causes of health issues and lead her patients to fuller, more vibrant lives. 

Questions we answer in this episode: 

  • How did you originally get involved with stem cell therapy?
  • Let’s start with the ABCs for listeners. What are stem cells and stem cell therapy?
  • What are the challenges that your patients come to you for support with? What are the best applications? 
  • For the discerning stem cell seeker, are there things you recommend they do to find the best stem cell treatment? 
  • Stem cells have been used for anti-aging benefits, can you say more about that and the best use/dose or what does treatment look like? 
  • How is this different from stem cell therapy prior to surgery or in rehab from injury? 
  • What do you expect the role of stem cell therapy in the future of medicine? 

Mentioned in this episode:

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