Staying Fit With Substitutes for Your Favorite Foods

Summer is here. Long days. Sunshine. Carefree eating.

How do you manage your love for summer foods and freedom to choose with your desire to feel your best and find your best fitness? There are a few trades offs, trade ups, and swaps that can help you manage your taste of summer with your zest for it. I’ll share just a few here and welcome your suggestions for brands or substitutes you love.

Close-up of chips and salsa

Passing on chips is hard. Chips and salsa or chips and hummus. Chips lining a taco salad. That’s hard to give up. But if you’re aware of corn sensitivities, gluten, and wheat, chips and crackers seem like an outlawed treat. My swap is from Beanitos. Just keep in mind, a chip is a chip. It’s hard to have just one so keep yourself focus on serving sizes.

Brown peanuts.

I love peanut butter. In fact, I think I could be addicted. It was a daily fix, sometimes more than once a day. Learning that pesticides on peanuts are common, as are molds, and food sensitivities and allergies to peanuts are also common I’ve given it up and enjoyed some tastes I otherwise would never have found. Almond butter, sunflower nut butter, and cashew butter are each great subs.


Who doesn’t love pizza. But with cheese, gluten, wheat, and eggs it can be a digestive nightmare. Here’s my answer and it’s not that labor intensive. I like to double it and make either a huge pizza with leftovers or tow different pizzas with flavors the adults and kids in the family.

What’s your substitute for foods you miss and love but don’t love you?

Please keep your recommendations focused on greatest food sensitivities (gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, peanuts, and of course, sugar and artificial sugars).

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