10 Easy Steps to More Energy | Pray, Say, and Stay Calm

Last episode covered how to dump stress that’s likely to keep you wired and in reaction mode. Today it’s about how to Pray, Say, and Stay Calm so you can respond. There will be storms. Things will happen beyond your control and if you can stay calm and choose how you respond you’ll be more likely to maintain high energy in spite of your environment or situation.

This episode will help you reduce stress and anxiety even when there’s chaos in life due to temporary or chronic situations. You’ll recall other episodes in this series to apply the content today. Remember how to use your thoughts to evoke the feelings you want to experience in your body. Stay calm with the right image and vision. You have control over your thoughts which influence your feelings.

Feelings of depression or anxiety aren’t feelings you have to allow to stay. You can stay calm in response to any situation that arises, putting you in control and at lower health risk.

Christy’s main points about how to stay calm in this episode:

  • We were thought to prays with words
  • Words are powerful
  • Praying in fear + low neurochemicals
  • Effective praying word + feeling

Three components of prayer stay calm:

  • Confess
  • Fervent
  • Righteous

The key quote from today to control your ability to stay calm:

“Think your feeling.”

Next up in part nine of our summer energy series is practicing the right thing… we’re always practicing – is it the right thing? You’ll take the lessons from this episode further.

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