Starting Over Better Than Ever Over 50

Are you starting over?

Are you starting over after 50? Whether you choose it or it chooses you, starting over can be the best thing that ever happened. This episode is all about unwelcome changes followed by an exciting ride still unfolding for guest Lisa Hoffman.

Lisa answered a call to help demonstrate exercises on a news station in Washington, D.C. That’s how we met. I wanted to share her story with you. If you’re in a tough spot, and changes are happening to you that you didn’t plan for, this is for you.

Lisa Hoffmann is a divorced 47-year-old Washington, DC native.  Former Real Estate Title Insurance Accountant turned Model, Actress and Writer.  Some of her projects include, Devils Deal and Drifters both independent short films she co-wrote and produced, released in 2017, Television print and video promotional appearances.

She’s been acting in several indie films all shot in the DC area as well as a few television miniseries that will be released sometime in 2020.  Spokesperson for big names like Fitbit as well as working on her book called “Fly Birdie Fly” release date to be determined.

What was it like starting over midlife? We talk about it all.

Questions we answered in this episode:

  • Tell me more about your middle of life changes and all the exciting change happening now for you.
  • What was the biggest challenge?
  • What was the biggest gift?
  • What are you doing now that you may never have done if not for the difficult time you went through?

23:24- 25:05 CBD for Life

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Are YOU starting over with exercise? This is for you!

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