How and When to Use Spot Toning Exercises for Back Fat

Do Spot Toning Exercises Work on that Pesky Back Fat?

Does the idea of spot toning exercises for back fat appeal to you? You’re not alone! It’s a popular question and a picky irritant for many of our Flipping 50 community! There are hormones involved for sure. We’re going to address this question of spot toning exercises for back fat (often due to testosterone levels) in this episode of Flipping 50 TV. 

Today’s question comes from Michelle who’s 49 and she writes her biggest challenge is,

“Back fat and love handles and overall fat around my middle.”

Right away, you have to know we’ve been trying to do spot toning exercises for decades unsuccessfully. The answer isn’t in micro-movements for one small area. You can’t get the look you want without improving the root cause fat is there. That has to do with choosing hormone-balancing exercise (not too much and not too little), and overall all major muscle group focus to boost your metabolism.

Next, there’s no ignoring your daily habits (hello, sleep! and stress reduction) and the way you support exercise with nutrition. There are things you can do for natural hormone balance all day every day, and things you could be doing that unknowingly contribute to hormone imbalance. Target testosterone that’s responsible for this particular back fat issue by reducing your overall stress levels (add joy!), reducing alcohol and sugar, and doing not more exercise (that kills testosterone) but the right kind and intensity.

Minute Made Meals

Your “first two” hours of the day are so important to the rest of your day and to your metabolism. Protein at breakfast – you’re shooting for 30 grams of protein – studies show up to 35 in fact, can help your choices later in the day. So if you’re overwhelmed focus on getting your first two hours right and so much else falls into place.

A smoothie is the fastest flip at breakfast. Overnight oats is another. If you’re doing eggs make them with veggies – pair them with half a smoothie for more greens and to reach that protein goal deliciously.

Here’s a list of other ways to increase protein at breakfast if you’re not yet a smoothie girl.

Muscles in Minutes

Plan your weekly movement. If you’re randomly doing “more” exercise to get rid of fat you dislike, flip your thinking. Focus on a plan of action so you’re not doing too much and focus on creating what you do want. It’s a flip your mind has to make before your body will change.

Michelle has recently been using The Whole Flip but isn’t sure how or where to start. So I help her… and you… plan the week!

Using The Whole Flip (and the bonus planning guide that comes with sample workout plans) Michelle’s schedule looks something like this:

Michelle said she used to clean houses – a great kind of Non-Exercise-Activity-Time NEAT movement that may have meant she didn’t require a lot of additional exercise. Once you stop activities- even work that you may think is more sedentary – it still takes energy… it can easily add up to extra weight.

Boxing is a great workout for so many reasons. Not only is it easy on joints it engages some of the muscles in the shoulder and back as well as the chest  – so it’s great for the cardio segment of workouts – and targets core, arms and that under bra fat. The reason fat is there now and wasn’t is due to changes in hormones, like testosterone when it comes to back fat at the bra or lower back upper hip area.

I’m going to just give you a little sample of The Whole Flip here during a warm up and demonstrate moves that increase circulation to those tough spots.

spot toning exercises Then we’re going to go right into a special back fat attack workout. Spot toning exercises are not a girl’s best friend unless they’re preceded by metabolism boosting exercise. Keep this in mind: you can’t spot reduce or spot fat loss. But we can spot tone. If you exercise to tone the muscle there is some increased circulation to the area and subcutaneous fat- lying on the top – will be reduced when you add shape to the muscle. Focus first on exercise that boosts your metabolism by targeting major muscles then target those tough spots and fat it will become less visible.

Here are a few of my favorite exercises in a routine for a strong and sexy back.

Warm up:

  • Jab
  • Jab cross
  • Jab 3 Cross
  • Hook
  • Upper cut
  • Jab Cross Hook Upper Cut

Weight Sequence:

  • Renegade row (show alternative suspending self)
  • Bent over row
  • Bent arm pullover
  • Reverse fly

Repeat it – 2-3 times (total)

Twice a week you want a full body workout including legs [try the Knee-Friendly Flip if your joints don’t allow squats or lunges] plus this series with an emphasis on your back. The weight day* on Wednesday can be more functional and could again include back-specific exercise. (Functional weight training requires less recovery and is a perfect mid-week workout if you need and want to do more. More, however, is not better. Effective exercise in less volume is often the best answer).

The Key Flip of the Day:

Elevate overall metabolism instead of only using spot toning exercises for the best Flipping 50 transformation.

spot toning exercises
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