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Mistake #1

The fat burning Myth

I’ll share with you fat burning facts, that go beyond interval training.

Mistake #2

The calorie myth

How does calorie restriction influence menopausal clients?

Mistake #3

THE “best time to exercise”

I’ll tell you how type and timing of exercise influences your clients.

your presenter
debra atkinson
– The Hormone Balancing Fitness Expert

Debra has been speaking on fitness and life-enhancing topics for more than 30 years, and training instructors, trainers, and health coaches for 25.

She led a team of 2 dozen trainers at three facilities to their best 7 years ever in the worst-economy with marketing and sales training systems that work.

She is an expert fitness marketing curator, creator, bestselling author, and international Fitness Business presenter (Can-Fit-Pro, SCW, Fitness Fest, IDEA, Athletic Business, NSCA, MedFit). 

She founded the first and only exclusively made-for-menopause fitness membership in the world.

She’s gone from zero revenue when she started over at 49 to 6-figure months, and so can you.

 PLUS: 3 Marketing Mistakes that Repel Customers


3 Promotion Mistakes that Kill Your Profit MARGIN


Random Promotions

I’ll share how to decide what, when, and why! 


No Runway, No Flight

I’ll share how long and how much to promote during a launch. 


Keep it Fresh & New Mentality

I’ll show you how to make it easier AND fresh, without TONS of time!

So, you can’t wait to help women with the knowledge you have, but…

There are SO MANY THINGS to do! You feel like you never get it done, you’re constantly doing something.. but still… you’re not really growing. It’s just stagnant. 

You aren’t filling your sessions or programs. You get a few dozen likes on your videos and you get a high open rate on your emails. That is, when you do email. You’re afraid to email too often because you’re not quite sure what to say and you don’t want to be pushy or salesy. 

You got a handful of clients right away. It was easy. They didn’t all renew though. And reaching more of the right people to become clients is getting harder. 

You were doing fine, and then suddenly the economy got a little tighter, more trainers & coaches are online and finding clients/students got harder.

If you are reluctant to email your audience and ask for the sale, I get it. 

Listen, if you’re in midlife there’s a good chance you overheard those door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesmen, or were in the room when your parents bought a new car. They may have said to you, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” 

To make matters worse, as a female trainer or coach, you may experience some of your own challenges and feel a little like an imposture, so marketing for you might be difficult because you feel like you aren’t a “success story” yourself.

Relax, it is not your fault!..

NO ONE learned this in school or during their certification. 

You are so not alone. Look, I hear from trainers that what they’re doing isn’t working. They’re posting, doing videos, even dabbling in paid ads. Still, not only are they not getting more clients, they’re spending more than they’re making.

AND? Female customers are SEEKING YOU!  Customers ready to pay money are looking for you but not finding qualified, heart-centered coaches. It’s not because you lack education, skills, or heart. It’s because you’re getting “out-marketed.” Let me help you fix that.  


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