Debating “Real Food” vs. Smoothies?

Compared to other nutritious choices green smoothies give you some of the best value for nutrient dense calories and for cost.

The cost of a green smoothie is about $4 for 16-32 ounces.

Plus you get fiber, fat, protein AND several servings of vegetables and fruit in one convenient and quick meal. To make it just a little bit easier to save, use this 10% off coupon right now. It’s GOODFOOD10 (You can save 15% every month once you’re a Subscribe and Save member for 3 months!)

A plateful of cooked veggies plus protein, plus healthy fat OR a salad could cost you 2 or 3 times that and take 4 times the two minutes a smoothie takes to make (including clean up). Even then it may not have the same nutrient-density you can pack into a smoothie.

You can choose from dozens of ways to boost the nutrient-density of your smoothies with ideas right here. You can even support your hormone balance further by adding some adaptogens (hormone-balancing ingredients that work when you need them) listed here.

The secret to loving the body you live in now and having longevity later is eating moderate amounts of the highest nutrient dense foods. In other words, make every bite, or sip or spoonful, count.


Recover Better With A Smoothie

I’ve had a smoothie following tough workouts or runs since I was 31, that’s 23 years and counting. For almost that long it’s been my go-to breakfast or even lunch if I’m on a tight schedule. That all was long before I knew I some day wouldn’t synthesize protein as well and would want every boost possible. But then I fell in love with the way I felt and the rest was history.

I’ve used a lot of commercial protein powders – before I realized the chemicals and sweeteners lurking in some of those I used for too long. Then there was the discovery that estrogen dominance was much more likely using soy powders (and other soy products). I ditched those years ago.

I swore I’d never… famous last words… carry protein supplements. Frankly, dealing with products and inventory, depending on suppliers and delivery trucks is not a party. But it’s the only way I feel comfortable recommending something that is void of toxins and increases your results. Muscle IS the organ of longevity. Micronutrients have to be present in adequate amounts to produce hormones. Without hormones exercise and nutrition can’t work.

To combat muscle loss that will otherwise happen with age you’ve got to LIFT right, REST right, and eat adequate protein along with a veggie-rich diet at each of three meals. If you struggle to gain lean muscle, you’re already frail, or you’ve got evidence of collagen losses (crepe skin) you will benefit from a protein powder that’s also rich in collagen.


There is no shortcut to keeping or rebuilding muscle you’ve lost. It’s not personal opinion. It’s science, and it’s proven in the 34 years I’ve trained older adults. If you’re muscle and fat percentages are not as good (or better) as they were when you were 30, the first place I look is your nutrition. The second is your exercise, and third your recovery.

Green Recovery Smoothie


  • 1 cup Coconut milk
  • ½ cup frozen berries
  • ½ frozen banana
  • liquid stevia to taste
  • dash of cinnamon to taste
  • 20 almonds or 1 T. almond butter
  • Girls Gone Paleo or Plant Based Girl Vanilla Protein
  • 1 T chia seeds
  • 1 T ground flax
  • ¼ avocado
  • small handful spinach
  • A few ice cubes

Blend. (save $20 and shipping)

Where to Start?

First time with protein shakes and smoothies? My bestseller is vanilla Plant Power. Vanilla is just versatile! If you’re feeling like a tropical mango smoothie is your jam it works, and if you want to add cacao for a chocolate treat, you can do that too. It’s no surprise though that Chocolate Paleo Power is my next bestseller. Add a dollup of nut butter and half a frozen banana and you’ve got yourself a chunky monkey craving killer. [recipes here]

Perfect Craving Killer

Did you know that protein + fiber kills cravings? Yep. It’s proven in study after study. Women with higher fiber intake tend to have less fat too. Fiber sweeps toxins from your body where they otherwise get stored in fat, making fat harder to lose. That’s your body protecting you from allowing toxins to circulate in your body. Adding chia seeds, ground flax, or Fiber Boost to smoothies is an easy way to bump your fiber intake starting in the morning.

Where’s the Texture?

Can’t imagine being satisfied with a liquid meal? (Have you seen my smoothie bowl? It’s pretty rich, thick and creamy!) I can’t imagine not having smoothies! But still, this is valid concern for some of my Flipping 50 students. The answer is, have your solid meal and a side shake to get that protein and fiber level up. A plateful of veggies and eggs plus a shake or a bowl of oats with protein stirred in is a stick-to-your ribs-not-your-hips way to feel good ‘til lunch.

Join us for a happier New Year!

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