You’re Not Dreaming!


It really can be that easy.

This year Jennifer, who busts her buns exercising, and is as disciplined as they come with nutrition finally had a breakthrough. At 64, she has lost 45 lbs. in 8 months (since last June), almost 38 inches and she’s still losing.

Julie had been exercising and eating consciously her entire life. In her mid fifties it stopped working so well. She continued to “go” but she was not enjoying workouts, was stressed, anxious, and mysteriously putting on belly fat in spite of all she was doing to avoid it.

We tweaked what she was eating, when she was eating it, and how she was exercising so she could increase her sleep volume. She increased her energy within a week and her results continue to tighten up her waistline.


Be the next success story

Grab Sleep Yourself Skinny. It’s practically an excerpt from my most recent book, You Still Got It, Girl! The After 50 Fitness Formula For Women. I just couldn’t wait until the book was published to share it when I knew the secret passive path to weight loss was helping my clients so much – even those who’d struggled for years.

Inside the book:

  • How your hormone balance is affected by sleep
  • How your lean muscle is boosted directly by sleep
  • Research studies that reveal changing nothing but sleep improves weight loss
  • How to improve your chance of sleep even if you struggle with insomnia


Send me the book so I can sleep tight!


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