Exercise and Sleep in Menopause | Hormone Balancing Tips

Sleep in menopause can be tricky. Managing your sleep and your exercise in an integrated way can make all the difference in your fitness results.

In this episode I share a study dividing post-menopausal subjects in a weight loss program into two groups:

  • A long sleep group
  • A short sleep group

Results showed a significant difference in the amount of weight loss and percent of weight that is fat. In this episode I talk about why that is such a significant distinguisher for anyone over 50.

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What happens during sleep that boosts your ability to get fit?

  • Cortisol, testosterone, and growth hormone

How sleep influences your exercise

  • Coordination, agility, reaction skills, balance – under the influence/drunk
  • On the other hand sleep will boost your ability to recover
  • See more injuries in women in perimenopause and just post menopause

How exercise can influence sleep

  • Even 10 minutes of exercise increase quality of sleep by 33% in self ratings
  • Avoiding high intensity exercise late in the day

Link to Sleep Yourself Skinny 

Inevitably if you value sleep and you’ve struggled to sleep well, you feel like you’ve tried it all. But there’s a good chance that you haven’t tried it in the right order and with any particular scientific approach. You’ll find answers where you may least expect them.

There are nearly 20 ways to boost your ability to sleep.

If you think you’ve tried them all.. it may be time to try them in a specific sequence, not all at once or randomly.

Sleep in Menopause

Surprising things like:

  • increasing your carbohydrate intake at dinner can help you sleep and if you can sleep better you can lose weight easier
  • The use of magnesium for instance is so much more than taking the RDA
  • Your sleep routine
  • Your exposure to sunlight or LED light
  • Protein in your meals

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