Simple Meal Prep for Easy Effortless “Fast” Whole Food

Today’s episode is all about simple meal prep. We could all use a hand making the right thing the easy thing.

Do you know what’s for supper?

Do you have a grocery list based on exactly what recipes you’re going to make next?

My guest in this episode made simple meal prep a reality on several levels. The one lingering reason to listen to this episode might just be deeper than time. Sometimes the thing we complain about is not the actual problem. Similar to exercise – sometimes your lower back hurts but it’s actually your hip or your upper back that is tight causing the problem. When meal prep comes up I frequently hear from clients or students, I don’t have time to cook, or I don’t like to cook.

I can and do help with recipes (and I make use of one-pan, one-pot, and crock pot recipes for sure), not to mention I am a blender chef! But!

But the real challenge is resistance to change that can strike us anywhere in life. It’s easy to get into a habit of using the same foods over and over – even though there are hundreds of options in the produce section – we tend to gravitate to the 4 or 5 we’re familiar with. That can keep us from enjoying better health with a greater variety of micronutrients.

Simple Meal Prep, Really?

This episode can be helpful to you in so many ways. First, Allison Schaaf, founder of Prep Dish shared simple meal prep tips. They won’t be necessarily “new” but they will remind you how simple (and satisfying) using an hour or so in the kitchen to eat healthy all week long can be.

Second, and more important, Allison provides a chance to use her meal prep service. You have the opportunity to break out of your weekly rut and experiment with new ingredients and recipes – that have been created and tested by a chef. If you’ve tested your best flipping 50 foods you can use the recipes and simple meal prep for two weeks just as you need to!

Chef & dietitian Allison Schaaf is the founder of Prep Dish, an online meal planning service. She teaches people how to meal prep to save time in the kitchen while still enjoying healthy, tasty meals. She lives outside of Austin, TX with her husband Brook, their 2 cats, 12 chickens and 6 beehives!

1) What are some simple strategies for healthy eating?

2) What are some simple meal prep basics? What foods work best for simple meal prep so you can spend less time in the kitchen?

3) What are some tips for getting more variety and more micronutrients in our foods?

4) How long will foods stay good in the fridge?

5) What kitchen tools do you love for healthy cooking (and what can you skip?)

Hear the distinction between simple meal prep hacks and cheating (I’m so off the hook!), batching, and just what you need to go shopping for this month for a year of healthy cooking. Allison shared three other items you might want to consider –based on your food preferences – for simple meal prep and easy and safe storage.

Flipping 50 listeners, your invited to try simple meal prep! Allison gifted you two weeks free of her meal planning service (talk about simple meal prep)!

IG: @prepdish

Facebook: prepdish

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