Chiropractor Quits to Go From a Stressed To a Sexy Menopause

Sexy menopause? Does that sound like an oxymoron? My guest found her sexy menopause and believed in the need for menopause advocates so much she gave up her chiropractor license and committed to coaching. 

My Guest: 

Dr. Kim Norman is a holistic doctor. She practiced chiropractic for almost 30 years specializing in nutrition. Dr. Kim is also certified in acupuncture and NAET. She is an international speaker and has spoken on stages sharing the benefits of healthy lifestyle. Dr. Kim retired from practicing chiropractic and now helps empower women in the “pause” stages of life by educating and equipping them with simple lifestyle choices and tools to help them overcome the struggles of sleepless nights, hot flashes, not fitting in their clothing comfortably, brain fog and so much more.

Questions we answered in this episode: 

  • What led you to go from practicing chiropractic to coaching post menopausal women?
  • What is the common denominator among women who come to you and where do you start with them? 
  • What have been the best ways to reduce stress for you and your clients? 
  • Let’s talk about libido, it’s a hot topic here (pun intended) how do you help women get their sexy/libido back? 
  • How do you define stress and support clients:
  • What is ahead for you? 

Sleep is crucial to success of any fitness routine. It’s also a challenge for many women in menopause. It doesn’t have to be. I’ve tucked about 20 of my favorite sleep help tips I use and share with private clients (some who’ve had insomnia for decades now sleep better than ever). 

Clients have found just improving sleep was the answer to losing weight. Studies show it’s true too. Long sleepers compared to short sleepers lost more weight and less of it was muscle. Now that’s sexy menopause.

Need sleep support?  SLEEP YOURSELF SKINNY ebook 

Courious about a sexy menopause? Kim’s event is the Secrets To Mastering Menopause & Beyond

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