How Many Sets and Repetitions for Women in Menopause?

I’m responding in this podcast due to an overwhelming number of questions in response to a post on social media. 

Are you on TikTok? Instagram? Use YouTube? You’ll see some regular snippets of workouts and workout tips there! I’m @flipping50tv everywhere! 

Let’s dive into this episode. Ironically for a quick social post, there is a lot to unpack and you don’t want to be too quick to follow someone’s advice who says… do # sets and # reps.. That doesn’t know you! And unfortunately… there’s a lot of advice going on from stranger to stranger! 

  • How many sets and repetitions should we do? 
  • How many sets?
  • How many reps? 
  • Sets & repetitions, please! 

So, a social media post and a YouTube video demo prompted dozens, if not hundreds of questions and… trying to stay in character limit and respond was failing me! 

So here’s the reason why the answer to how many sets and repetitions … especially for a woman in menopause is not an easy answer. 

The answer comes only after your collective answers to all of the following. We’re working behind the scenes on the best way to give YOU a way to answer your own question. 


What’s your experience level?

starting or starting over? 

moderately experienced and been lifting 2x a week for at least 6 months

experienced, Athletic 


What is your biggest priority? 

Bone density 

Increase muscle mass and strength for aging

Increase metabolism to boost weight loss/body composition improvement 

Performance (in golf, tennis, etc or improve gait for aging and fall reduction) 


What is your body type?

More muscular, athletic (mesomorph)

More linear, angular (ectomorph) 

Curvy girl with a little more padding in the cushions 


Do you have any conditions, or prior or current injuries? 

Arthritis, fibromyalgia, hashimotos

hyper mobility 

Osteoporosis or osteopenia 

[23: 42]

What does the number of repetitions mean? 

It should be the number that you reach temporary fatigue at. 

How does the number of sets impact you?

Number of sets shown to be most supportive of women over 40, so perimenopause to post menopause is at least 2. Three or even 4 may be appropriate for you based on your experience level and your self-assessment of hormones. 


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