How to Have Thriving Relationships Starting with Your Body, Yourself

Thriving relationships with anyone else start with the one you have with yourself. Your physical body and the nurturing you give it and your mind are propelling you forward or holding you back. 

My guest

Sandy Sembler is an internationally recognized embodiment & feminine coach and creator of the SakredShe program, empowering women to “break up” with toxic patterns limiting their love, business, and success, and embrace a joy-filled, abundant life.

Sandy’s SakredShe program was created after her own 10-year healing journey and her desire to “make her mess a message and her test a testimony!”  Sandy merged disciplines from teachers around the world to ignite clients towards change in their mind, heart, and body, tapping into the unlimited energy and creativity of their feminine flow, and releasing unhealthy patterns. 

The transformation Sandy’s clients achieve is due to her compassionate yet ‘take no prisoners’ coaching style, her own personal journey, and her ability to deeply connect with each client as a unique soul. 

Sandy’s deepest desire is for each client to intentionally claim their authentic purpose and abundance of self-worth, trust and live more fully, and create the quality relationships so deeply desired.

Questions we explore in this episode about thriving relationships:

1) Let’s discuss your post about loving yourself.  What’s your experience been, and how has that shifted post menopause?

2) How did you get started in your work?  What exactly is embodiment? I heard you say it is not just about dance.  And how has that helped you and other women?

3) How does a woman use her masculine and feminine energies in her everyday life – not just in business? And how does using your feminine actually give you more energy?

4) I’ve heard you talking about finding joy – even in difficult/uncertain times — at any given moment.  I’m putting you on the spot — show me now!

There you have it, thriving relationships outside of you happen first because of the one inside of you.

“I help women create a joy-filled, abundant life full of thriving relationships they’ve always desired.” 
– Sandy Sembler, Embodied Results Coach

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