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Running and Returning is a book, a story, and a glimpse into the tapestry of life for now 61-yr-old runner, Vicki Hunter. Vicki is a prior fellow trainer I met in at RallySport in Boulder. She has recently published a book and whether you are a runner like Vicki, a parent of a child with addiction, or none of the above… this episode is one you’ll identify with. 

Vicki’s story is testimony to the resilience of the body and the mind.  

My Guest: 

Vicki Ash Hunter is a writer, runner, coach, and retired university instructor. A lifelong athlete, Hunter found respite in running as a teenager in the 1970s and hasa since relied on it to satisfy her competitive nature and keep her body and mind healthy and strong. Her running resume is stacked with races ranging from 5K to 50 miles, including the 1988 Olympic Marathon Trials and the Pikes Peak Marathon a dozen times, She still competes, and in 2021, at age 60, ran the Boston Marathon in 3 hours, 30 minutes. 

Hunter’s running career is dotted with accidents and injuries, however, and some of them were life-threatening and life-altering. Most significantly, she came back from near-death after a car accident in 1997, when she was pregnant with her first child. She credits her own fitness and fortitude; her will to deliver a healthy baby; running; and the care of specialized and alternative practitioners for her and her daughter’s survival, recovery, and return to real life. 

Where she is now

Hunter, who retired from the University of Colorado, where she taught political science, is now a running coach certified in Foundation Training  and the Lydiard method. She is a movement specialist who works with athletes of all levels and abilities and is particularly attuned to the needs of ultrarunners. Influenced by her own experience recovering from injuries, she is passionate about and dedicated to helping people move better. 

Hunter holds a Ph.D. in political science and is the mother of two grown daughters. She and her husband live in Boulder, Colorado, and Kona, Hawaii. Running and Returning is her first book.

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 Questions we answer in this episode: 

[07:38] What prompted you to write the book and tell your story? 

Describe your horrific accident, 14 weeks pregnant

At 55 you suffered another critical injury, this time trail running, and it resulted in some fear and trauma have you gone through any therapy to be sure that the trauma isn’t stored in your body? 

[18:50] What was it like as far as people around you, and the kind of support you needed, wanted, vs maybe repelled? 

[29:45] When did you start running? 

[37:38] How did that first trail run after your arm injury go? 

That year, 2016 , you’re 55, with so many major life events, one of those was your daughter’s struggle with addiction. How has that played out in your reliance or enjoyment of running?

The last question… tune in for this one!

Connect with Vicki: 


Vicki’s book: 

Running and Returning

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