Rearranging Your Environment Is Not About Moving The Couch

When You’re Ready To Change Don’t Just Paint Over the Old Layer of Paint

I used to hand paint furniture. Actually, I still pretend I will. I have had the primed unpainted rocking chair from a couple great nephews ago and they’re practically ready for kindergarten. I have made progress recently, though. I bought brushes and paint on Saturday.

When I began painting I was pregnant. Pastel high chairs did nothing for me. So I painted my own. Somehow that turned into a table and chairs, a stool, a dresser and it just evolved. What I learned as I picked up old items and began to give them new life was that you had to remove the old you couldn’t just paint over it. Even a layer of primer over the old paint or varnish wouldn’t provide a clean enough slate to create new masterpieces.

The same is true about your health.

Take your gut for example. If you’ve been painting by numbers and taking antibiotics or dealt with additional stressors your gut has likely taken a beating. You need to heal that surface. Starting to eat from the rainbow alone won’t necessarily do it. Oh, yes, it deserves a pat on the back. But the old, worn, chips and scratches in the surface are going to get in the way of the good doing all the good it should.

Elbow grease and sandpaper did it for my rockers and nightstands. For you, it’s going to take more TLC. It may feel like chewing on nails if you remove some of the foods <you think> you love, but what you’re doing is removing things that only taste good on your lips and then cause you bloating or discomfort. Potentially, they prevent the good stuff from helping the way it should.

Removing some of the biggest culprits like dairy, wheat/gluten for a short period of time may help you get that clean surface. When you reintroduce them you’ll find out if these things “agree with you” as my grandmother used to say, or not.

For some women, removing a few trigger foods temporarily reduces bloating, removes extra water weight, and leaves them a few pounds lighter. What masqueraded as fat weight was actually the bloat and reaction to internal inflammation. You may also have a ways to go with fat loss to lean the way you’d like to, but you’re much closer if you’re avoiding foods that prevent new and better foods to do their trick.

In this last few weeks of summer, there’s a good chance you may have a had a few more s’mores or cocktails than you planned. Maybe it was bushels of fresh fruit, or garden vegetables – things associated with good health – that has triggered a gut reaction and feelings you don’t like.

Even “healthy” food can cause a negative gut response. It’s not always the first cause of it but can be a problem after it.

Take a glance at your three-day diet. Look for patterns. Poor sleep after certain foods? Tummy aches following some ingredients? Poor exercise session following a specific meal or snack? Once in a while none of these is much to think about. But if you find you’ve got a pattern when you put it on paper? Start taking steps to change.

Have you had a food sensitivity or allergy that wasn’t life-threatening but you discovered only after suffering for a while without knowing why?


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