A Better Cookie: Protein-Packed Snacks for Holiday Health

Protein-Packed Snacks for Holiday Health

I’m flipping traditions with these 4 protein-packed snacks, desserts, even breakfasts in this post!

I don’t know about you but in our family the baking began Thanksgiving week. It seems like Thanksgiving evening in fact we used to ice sugar cookies in Santa, stockings, and Christmas tree shapes. Then my mom had half a dozen other cookie traditions.

Who needs that?!

Not a single person in our lives benefit from sugar.

But it’s still nice to enjoy a slice of tradition and it’s silly to think you won’t be tempted. So, I say, be ready. If you’re trying to be “good” (to yourself!) this season then a little extra protein will help. Protein (and fiber) kill cravings. A little sweet at the end of a meal is also a signal to your brain that it’s done and sated.

How can you get a little more protein into your day?

Whole foods are ideal. When that’s not possible. Whether it’s because you’re following a plant-based diet, you don’t like many high-protein options, or you want to boost muscle recovery and you’re just not seeing results from your fitness effort, supplements fill the void.

Clean Protein

If you’re not sure you’re using a clean protein, I’ll just link here to the reason you want to check the ingredients carefully so you know you’re not using anything that’s got chemicals, sugars, artificial sweeteners, or ingredients that may cause fat storage  (anything ending –ose, eggs, soy, and whey unless you’ve tested for yourself).

If you’re not feeding muscle with enough calories and adequate protein (30 grams at each of three meals) you don’t have what you need to recover.  Additional pre or post-workout supplementation is helpful if you’re not seeing results, you’ve lost significant amount of muscle, or you’re increasing your training.

Adding protein to meals, shakes, and snacks (if snacks are right for you) or desserts is a smart way to increase your satiety level. You’ll stay full until your next meal as you decrease the sugar impact at any meal.

This time of year if you know you’ll be tempted, it’s better to be prepared. I never like to suggest clients remove something without putting something else in its place (aka, having a flip). Even when snacking is ruining results for clients with hormone imbalance, our focus is on adding the right items to each meal so the need or craving for snacks disappears.

For any of these recipes, keep it vegan by adding the Plant Power option, or go with Paleo Power for a dairy-free, soy-free option. If you know you tolerate dairy, Your Whey works, but it’s one I only use pre or post exercise, so think about your options.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Bars

protein-packed snacks This brownie bar isn’t without sugar, though it’s natural and impact is offset by the fat and protein. Post-workout is the best time to enjoy a bar. Cacao also has antioxidants for recovery. So if you come back from the gym and everyone is diving into sugar cookies, you’ve got a treat too. It’s hard to go wrong with four ingredients.

Get the recipe

Better Nut Butter Balls

protein-packed snacks At the holidays my mom used to make these little balls of dates and nuts and I don’t know what else. Everyone else went for a favorite coffee cookie, sugar cookie, but I would dig into the refrigerator and munch on these. They were slightly healthier than the others but still packed a punch of sugar, but these… feel better. They offer a sweet treat, a peanut butter cup flavor, without the kill-your-hard work results.

Take 10 minutes and make a couple dozen (unless you’re generous with yours: but more and smaller is smarter!). Try them on your family. They don’t have to know they’re a healthier treat until they approve them.

Get the recipe

Mango Mama Healthy Sorbet

protein-packed snacks My students know I don’t often share recipes with high sugar content – even if it’s in fruit. When I do want a tropical flavored mini vacation without the long flight… I add protein or make sure it’s after a good meal, or both!

Get this full recipe

Coffee Mint Smoothie

protein-packed snacks If you do well with coffee before exercise (it is an ergogenic aid but if it makes you jittery, avoid it!) this special morning drink might be fun to serve holiday guests.

This is an awesome breakfast twist for guests or for a special morning just for you.

Get the recipe.

You can make any of these recipes with Flipping 50 protein. Baking (or stirring and blending) is back, only better.

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