5 Ways to Prevent Alzheimer’s Even If You Have the Gene!

On the daily, many of us think about weight, belly fat, changes in our skin and if you’re forgetful, maybe you think about dementia or how to prevent Alzheimers. But for those of us with a genetic predisposition, who may have been caregivers for aging parents or loved ones, or work with older adults as a part of their job, preventing Alzheimer’s is a more prominent thought. 

One of the greatest fears of older adults however is related to cognitive decline. So this episode on ways to prevent Alzheimer’s. We’ll talk about who is more prone to Alzheimer’s, whether it is purely genetic, and whether we’re only at risk if we have the gene, as well as 5 ways to empower you. 

I might add, while we move off the couch most frequently in pursuit of a physical goal or motivator, the cognitive brain benefits of all exercise is well-documented. Making sure you’re in your sweet spot balancing stress levels is also a part of that. There are ways to not only simple benefit your brain by doing exercise, but to enhance your brain health by adding mental games while doing exercise. 

My Guest:

Efrat LaMandre owns and operates her own Medical practice, EG Healthcare ,which provides pediatric,adult and geriatric care to over 20K patients. 

In addition to her primary care practice, she has taken conventional medicine to the next level with her signature process, The Knew Method, helps patients take control of their health destiny using a Functional Medicine Approach that empowers them to finally realize that their symptoms are not in their head. As a result, she helps people prevent illness, optimize their health, reduce medication, to feel great.

Learn who’s at risk, what to do about it, and how to prevent Alzheimers. 

Questions we answer on this podcast:

04:10 Who is at greatest risk for Alzheimer’s and what are the odds?

05:17 What is the prognosis? 

What prompted you to start the Knew Method? Was this related to your own health journey? 

Let’s review how functional medicine is different than primary care or seeing a general practitioner? 

06:50 What is the Alzheimer’s gene and how can you test for it? 

12:58 Strength training builds muscle that acts like a sponge for blood sugar, it is known for enhancing mood and cognitive function. Is that also supportive of a reduction of Alzheimer’s ?

17:22 What’s the connection between stress and Alzheimer’s?

20:52 Someone can say, I’m not stressed, and have a wonky cortisol test, is there one of those that is more relevant than the other? 

From this episode, learn if you do have it, given the heavy positive influence we know of epigenetics, or lifestyle habits, what evidence is there that your risk is reduced. Identify the outcomes of people who make positive changes vs those who don’t.

Connect with Dr. E:

Website: https://theknewmethod.com/

She’s Social: 


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theknewmethod/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheKnewMethodbyDrE

Additional Resources: 

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