Your Perimenopause Workout vs Your Post Menopause Workout

If you wonder what you need during perimenopause or what a post menopause workout looks like, this is for you. So, often women ask about themselves, as in, “What about women over 60?” or “what if I’m in my 70’s? Is it too late?”

From the start of perimenopause through post menopause and beyond, the ideal workout is a moving target.

The potentially ironic truth is, women beyond menopause, significantly beyond need and can do more frequent intense workouts. They don’t become delicate because they reach 60. They reach a point where unless they’re actively doing the right things to hold onto it, they’re losing muscle at an accelerated rate.

After 30 we’re fighting the natural tendency to lose 3-8% of muscle each decade. At 60 that increases to 1-2% muscle loss a year. Starting at age 50 we lose 1-2% muscle strength per year. 

That’s not mandatory, but it is what happens without adequate muscle stimulus and recovery. Have you been tracking? Did you know your lean muscle mass at 30? Few of us did. And what about how? Do you measure more than weight? Do you know if you lose weight if it’s muscle or fat? 

Questions I Answer in this Episode 

  • How does perimenopause exercise compare to post menopause exercise?
  • What is physiologically happening during peri and post menopause?
  • What are the physiological effects of various exercises? (modes and intensities)
  • How do you sew the two together to determine the optimal exercise during phases of menopause?
  • What are simple signs the type, timing and intensity of exercise is working for you?
  • What about intermittent fasting during menopause? How does this fit into an exercise regime?

When your hormones are more volatile in perimenopause your workouts may need to be as responsive than planned. Twice weekly HIIT is a sweet spot for most.

A post menopause workout routine can include greater frequency of HIIT. The reason is more stimulus for muscle to offset aging.

This ALWAYS comes back to… how do you feel? What are the results of your habits. 

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