How Your Poop Can Help You Lose Toxic Fat

Lose toxic fat after 50. Dr. Grace Liu PharmD, the Princess of Poo, shares the poop on health, weight loss, fiber, and probiotics. Don’t miss as we dish on coffee! What scale should be using to measure your health?

Did you know that toxins get stored in fat? That makes it hard to lose fat. In You Still Got It, Girl! I share ways to reduce your toxic exposure and begin eliminating toxins you may have preventing good habits from working best for you.

How does fiber help you lose toxic fat? How much fiber should you have on a daily basis? You’ll be shocked to know not just how far below the average intake you might be eating but how dramatically our intake of fiber has reduced compared to our ancestors.

What does your poop tell you about your ability to lose toxic fat? I’m not a lover of scales, but there’s one we mention on the show that you should be using! Are you one of the women who put up with constipation, diarrhea, irregularity, gas or bloating? It’s not normal, not even for you! And if you’ve put up with it for a long time, it’s not too late to change that!

How is coffee related to your ability to lose toxic fat? Or to eliminate? Caffeine can be a stimulant that moves you to move toxins out. Should you rely on it? Dr. Lui has something say about it short and long term.

It’s all here! Your fiber, poop, coffee, and a look at probiotics and what they could do for you.

Mentioned on the show:

Bristol Stool Scale

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For some of the additional gut support, Dr Lui mentioned:

Probiotics for fat loss:

Bifido|Maximus (contains Bifidobacteria longum)

UltraFlora Control


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how to measure

Circumference outside of both arms, at the armpit

Right Triceps
Halfway btwn shoulder & elbow, arm extended.

Find the widest point of girth at the hips

Right Thigh
Standing with weight on both legs, measure halfway between knee cap and hip flexor

Right Calf
Standing with weight on both legs, find the largest point of calf.

how to measure woman outline

Measure from the rib cage just under breasts at bra line

At the belly button/umbilicus

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