Permanent Weight Loss For Women 50 and Over

Is it possible? Is permanent weight loss possible? Chances are you’re struggling with your own answer to that question. If you don’t believe it is, you’re more likely to self-sabotage. It IS possible. I’ve interviewed so many (non-clients) and clients and shared those stories here on podcasts and blogs, you don’t take my word for it, there is evidence all around you that yes, it it possible to make lasting changes after 50. Your lingering question may be, is it possible for me? Can I do it?

Until you can answer yes, let me take the wheel. YES. There are some details that you need to tend to in order to avoid “another” program. You can jump down to those steps below but I hope you’ll read the full post.

Flipping 50 Fit U Permanent weight loss attempts failed?

You lost the weight and don’t remember inviting it back. But it returned. You had a habit of exercising regularly and you just stopped. You’re not sure why.

After about 6 months many struggling to lose weight relapse back into old patterns of eating and exercise. Having a support group and coach help you fight through that phase and stick with the program. In fact, modify the program as you go, since what initially helps you lose weight will not be what helps you continue to lose, or to maintain weight.

Habits that boost permanent weight loss

About 95% of your thoughts and actions occur automatically. That is never truer than when you feel anxious or stressed. That means only 5% of your behavior falls into conscious and self-directed change. So putting yourself in groups and programs that help you spend more time being mindful, being reminded of your goals and choices, improves your ability to bust through and make new habits more automatic.

Do you realize what that means? That silly little thought in your head, “I should be able to do this myself” is ridiculous. Put it to bed. Until a 5% conscious new habit becomes a 95% automatic habit, you’re trying to over come some big odds. Help is a good thing.

If you have a tendency to fall off the wagon and get run over by it, consider why it happens mid-to-late afternoon and evening as it does for many women. For you it may be while you’re traveling, or when the sh___ hits the fan, pardon the expression. When you’re just overloaded with the negative effects of sleep deprivation, having used willpower all day at work, or you’re dealing with the choices you’ve made at breakfast and lunch that unknowingly sabotage your energy… or when a major life stressor knocks on your door, your ability to change is the most likely to decrease. It’s hard for anyone to self-regulate then. Permanent weight loss gets hard if you’re still resisting habit gravity.

The best time for permanent weight loss

It’s insane to think that you’ll ever find a time when it’s convenient to change, though. Life is going to constantly throw things at you without warning. It’s never a good time to have a baby, buy a house, get married, move a parent into a care facility and so on and so on. Your meaningful life comes with a lifetime guarantee: there will be stress.

You might as well get on with it. The truth is this: acquiring healthy habits makes you more resilient to stress. It is not the stress itself. It is the way you perceive it that matters.

Flipping 50 Fit-U

Making changes for permanent weight loss

Daily rituals are a big part of setting new behaviors in your life. New behaviors bring the permanent change you seek. Doing the same thing every day at the same time and in the same way, you build a new set of automatic – and healthy – behaviors.

In all my work with clients I emphasize the “first two” first. The first two hours of your day determine your success for the other 22. Then we focus on the “last two.” It’s overwhelming (and not productive) to attack your entire day all at once. If you will get that first two hours right and focus on the five things crucial within that time frame, the rest of the 24 hour period you’re in has a greater chance to be full of healthy habits.

Step-by-step permanent weight loss

If you have more than 20 pounds to lose, the way to achieve is is very different than losing that last 5 lbs. Keeping it off is different from losing. Before you jump in to creating healthy habits, its so very important for a woman in midlife right now to grasp the changes in science over these last three decades. First knowing what you want and need to change is crucial so you can feel results fast. That keeps you going on the forever change path. If you used to diet and exercise and it worked, it may no longer due to your hormones and the changes in your body. Better science for a better you will work.

The good news is that permanent weight loss is so much less about what you can’t have and so much more about what you can and moving in a way that is not punishing but is enjoyable, even fun. These 4 steps are key components for you. Can you check them all off? Identify the ones you need the most focus on. Do be sure you have #1 down before you move on.

Step 1: Develop an awareness of what healthy choices are for you now. Get clarity on what nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits hurt and which help fat loss. Hint: we’ve been getting it wrong.

Step 2: Develop daily rituals using cues you already have present to incorporate them into your life. Identify the triggers that bring you into old patterns of automatic behaviors that you want to change.

Step 3: Emerge yourself in a supportive environment since, even after months of focus, years and decades of old patterns can cause you some resistance and pull you back.

Step 4: Look for expert advice and group support to stick with the one biggest obstacle – consistently exercising for fat loss – for 1-2 years.

The best way to permanent weight loss is by first identifying the science of fat loss for you now with Fit U!

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