How I ease exercise aches with pain relief cream

This post shares my personal experience with a pain relief cream. My experience is unique to me but when I find a good thing I love to share it with you!

How could pain relief make exercise more possible or simply your every day better? What if you could move more freely without pain?

What if you could dissolve discomfort from movements you love or do seasonally easily…And what if you could do it without a prescription or over the counter pills?

Let’s face it, sometimes pain gets in the way of moving more. It interferes with exercise in a way that benefits health, with you doing daily activities of living, and even sleep.

As you know may know – though I don’t like to make this about me.. I am training and blogging about endurance activity for the sake of showing how to decrease volume and increase intensity to continue to enjoy activities we who love endurance enjoy without trashing our hormones.

With that in mind, I still have to ride a bike for a few hours at a time – a definite downshift from 6 or 7, three hours riding in aerobars can still cause tension in already tight upper back and neck area for days!

I’ve been experimenting with a new pain relief cream I’m loving and sharing with my triathlon and endurance-loving friends. I’ve actually been using it before activity to prevent pain and the way I feel after a long ride is significantly better!

And my guest in this Flipping 50 podcast is here to share more with us about it.

Dr. TK Huynh talks with me about Mind Body Matrix Pain Relief Cream.

TK grew up in Fresno CA working hard along side his parents even as a young boy.

He went to Pharmacy school and yet he’s hardly living the typical pharmaceutical prescription drug based career path. You have quite a story, and your wife too is a Pharmacist. This is really a family-based business.

TK tells a story about getting in trouble for helping a disabled man when he was young that is such a great illustration of “doing the right thing.”

Questions TK answers in this episode:

  • Why is the MBM Pain Relief Cream a better alternative to Tylenol, Motrin, Advil, or prescription opiates
  • Why is this cream different from BioFreeze, Icy Hot, or Tiger Balm
  • What are MBM missions?

Some details that matter to you and me:

It’s registered with the FDA.

You can join me in doing something really special for our Veterans:

TK, the MBM founder, is working with local VA to help Veterans reduce their pain without prescription medications. He’s recognized the dangers of opiate addiction and has made it his mission to make an impact. For every 120 ml (4oz) purchased he is giving one to a Veteran to help them live painlessly and peacefully.


Facebook, Instagram, Youtube: @mindbodymatrix


If you do order, I’d love to hear from you! Have you experienced the same kind of benefits I have?

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