12 Days of Smoothies: Orange Julibliss Smoothie

orange julibliss smoothie



Blend adding water or almond milk to desired thickness. Top with cacao nibs for a chocolate and orange combo.

Flips to love: Have the taste of the mall treat without the sugar. Energizing citrus will keep you focused for hours.

What’s else to love for your after 50 fitness? Better than a cup of dairy yogurt after a workout, you can avoid the dairy sensitivity and unpleasant mucus or belly bloat that can come with dairy. You may do fine with it occasionally but daily run into issues. Coconut, or another favorite Cashew-gurt, both offer the gut-friendly cultures without the sensitivity.

The best timing for your orange julibliss smoothie is about 60 minutes after a tough workout. Yes, good things – like more muscle – come to those who wait.

Get my entire collection of smoothies AND smoothie bowls (I like it thick!) for more ways to treat yourself and still reach your goals. When did we start thinking that depriving ourselves was going to get us to a place we were happy? Start enjoying the journey so much more.

What’s maca? It’s an adaptogen – meaning it supports natural hormone balance and it adapts to your need. If you need a little cortisol optimization help, you’ll get it. It’s also been something I’ve used for years to boost endurance and stamina for longer endurance training. Inside the Smoothie Bowl book I share insight to almost two dozen ways to boost your smoothie nutrition. In addition to the green veggies and antioxidants from fruit you can pack that smoothie with more nutrients than you might get in other meals – in far less time. Simple nutrition for your flip. The blender is quickly becoming a kitchen staple.

orange julibliss smoothie

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