Oral Health Changes with Hormones: Watch Your Mouth!

Oral health and hormones? Yes! Changes with hormones can affect your smile! Yes! I don’t know about you, but one thing I’d love to have and so appreciate is a brighter smile.

I got a mouthful today from my guest. If you think, I’ve got a dentist, I’ve got great teeth, don’t go away just yet! Seriously, you’re going to find some answers to questions you didn’t know to ask in this episode. 

I ask about the best (and worst) toothpaste, we discuss the anatomy of a toothbrush, and wait for it… whether you can heal a cavity naturally. 

My Guest: 

Dr. Sanda Moldovan, double board-certified periodontist and nutritionist, practices biological dentistry in Beverly Hills. Her philosophy is that personalized nutrition, combined with biological dentistry and at home natural dental care, play a pivotal role in chronic disease prevention.

Questions we answer in this episode: 

[03:33] What is “biological dentistry”?

[04:25] What’s the correlation between oral health and risk of disease? 

[06:10] How serious is mercury toxicity from fillings and are you still seeing a significant number of them? 

[11:28] What are steps listeners can take toward their optimal oral health? 

[13:30] What type of toothpaste do you recommend? Best and worst and why? 

What oral changes occur after 45 and what are some natural remedies?

Rapid fire questions: 

Benefits of tools like water pick? 

[20:40] Do we really need to floss and how often? 

Asking for a friend, replacements of veneers? Will they “wear out” or loosen? 

[25:50] Is there a natural solution for receding gums (as opposed to grafting which does not sound like a weekend retreat I want to sign up for!)? 

[29:37] Chewing… talk about the importance of it, in terms of jaw health and tooth health, in a world of shortcuts and shakes too often used as substitutes for more than a post-workout protein support, are we creating a problem when we’re chewing less than we used to? 

I’m guessing that nutrition for optimal oral health goes beyond not eating sticky sweets … what recommendations do you have or mistakes you see most commonly happening? 

[36:40] Is it possible to heal a cavity without a filling? 

CONNECT with Sanda:

 www.orasana.com (where you’ll find her book Heal Up, and bake-free probiotic recipes)

YouTube: https://www.Youtube.com/askdrsanda




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