Flipping 50's

Older, Fitter, Stronger

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First Flip

Ankles 5 min

Ease Your Knees 10 min

Hips 16 min

Lower Back 20 min

Shoulders 9 min

Neck and Upper Back 10 min

Core First Flip

Standing Core 

Beginning Core

Intermediate Core

Advanced Core

Strength First Flip

Strength Warm Up

Strength Flip 1 10 min

Strength Flip 2 10 min

Strength Energy Burn 20 min

Strength Circuit 20 min

Strength Power 20 min

Cardio Boxing First Flip

Cardio Boxing Punches 10 min

 CB Lower body blast – 10 min

Cardio Boxing Combinations 10 min

Cardio Boxing Knockout 20 min

Cardio Boxing Combinations 20 min

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