Food Sensitive?

Why should you consider avoiding your go-to healthy snacks? Why not have spinach – the most nutrient dense food – every day? 

Foods you eat most often are the ones you risk becoming sensitive to most.

Reactive foods trigger an inflammatory response in the gut, leading to malabsorption of nutrients. That leads to other potential problems. Say you’re gluten sensitive and don’t realize it.

There’s been a connection to Selenium deficiency, a well know risk for thyroid disease.

These reactive foods can cause intestinal permeability whenever they’re eaten. The lay term used is “leaky gut.”

It’s so easy to fall for the myth that “getting older” means weight gain, saggy skin, and toneless arms.

Not true!  Once you understand the 3 things working against you, a new strategy for your fitness and nutrition will become clear.

A reaction may take hours or even a day to show up as acid reflux, bloat, joint pain and tingling, irritable bowel syndrome, and anxiety or just fatigue and lethargy.

See the problem? Most women put up with many of those signs and symptoms.

Sometimes, no one else asks enough about tracking diet and symptoms to find the connection.

For people with thyroid disease gluten-free and grain-free diets improve symptoms dramatically.

Many also have dairy sensitivity. Sugar, soy and corn can be among the foods most likely to cause reactions too.

The only way to know about a current sensitivity is to test. Not in a lab but removing the foods and then reintroducing them one by one.

The best way to prevent sensitivity is to rotate your foods. Even the healthy ones can become reactive foods. If you make a smoothie every day rotate the type of protein powder you use. If you eat salads daily use spinach one day, kale another, romaine another.

Eat nuts? Try almonds one day, and walnuts and sunflower seeds before you rotate the almonds back in. If you eat a blend of lettuces or a plant-based protein blend, a mixture of nuts, that too can help you avoid a sensitivity.

While I don’t usually recommend a “diet,” this is one approach is a keeper.


It’s so easy to fall for the myth that getting older, and menopause, mean weight gain, saggy skin, and toneless arms.

Not true!  Once you understand the 3 things working against you, a new strategy for your fitness and nutrition will become clear.

4 thoughts on “Nutrition”

  1. I don’t have a thyroid anymore, it was removed 2 years ago due to cancer! I’m 56 and 3 years into menopause!! My arms and lower belly have become flabby & the skin crepe like:(
    All this became very apparent AFTER my surgeries!!

    Any suggestions for a menopausal woman WITHOUT a thyroid??

    Love this webite❤️

    1. Susanne,

      Thanks so much for connecting. Glad that you are well and kicking now! I would work your way through the elimination diet I routine in You Still Got It, Girl! and The After 50 Fitness Formula for Women course (or jump in now to the 28-Day kickstart to test with us ..enrollment is open now!) and go as clean as possible once you discover your personal best foods. Feel free to send a personal email through the contact tab Susanne if I can help you more specifically.

  2. Hello Debra!
    Thank you for all that you share and are teaching ! It is vital and has been so important to me.
    I am 55, 25lbs overweight, not liking what I see in mirror and have taken action to change. INformation overload … You have helped filter that. I joined Planet Fitness and I am making lifestyle changes.
    My question – If a person can only choose one – the “The After 50 Fitness Formula For Women” OR the “28 Kickstart”, which should I choose?
    Sincerely grateful,
    Debbie H., NC

    1. Debra Atkinson

      Hi Debbie! I think you asked on the Facebook page as well at and I created both so you’re asking me to choose between children! Here’s my suggestion … we ALL do best with short term commitment and if you have to choose ONE…the strongest smartest start I would say is the 28 Day program. The longevity of the other program is only as good as your start is strong. Live support, regular accountability, is key for any of us on anything. It’s human nature and not lack of discipline or anything else! I think you’ll be happiest with short term fast start in order to keep your momentum!

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