The Newest Menopause and Aging Resource

Looking for a resource for menopause and aging? There’s a new foundation on the block and my guest today is heading it up.

My Guest

Claire Gill is founder and CEO of the National Menopause Foundation, a new nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a positive change in how people perceive, understand and experience menopause.

Claire is a storyteller at heart and has spent her 25+ year career assisting Fortune 500 companies, iconic brands, business start ups and nonprofit organizations to communicate and engage with their audiences in more meaningful ways. As a partner in a NY-based public relations agency, Claire led national campaigns for brands including Campbell’s, Kraft and Kellogg. Earlier in her career, she promoted the “Oscars of the Fragrance Industry” for the nonprofit arm of the international fragrance industry and spearheaded communications for a national nonprofit supporting a diplomacy program of the United State Information Agency.

Proven Track Record

This project in menopause and aging isn’t out of the blue for Gil. For the past six years, Claire has worked on women’s health and healthy aging as a senior executive at a national nonprofit focused on bone disease. During her tenure, she successfully developed and launched a new patient registry to track input and insights directly from patients – a first in the bone health field. Claire has served as a media spokesperson for several clients and organizations and has contributed to books and articles regarding public relations and patient advocacy.

 Questions We answered in this episode:

  1. What led you to start the National Menopause Foundation?
  2. How does the organization serve women going through menopause?
  3. What do you think needs to happen to de-stigmatize menopause and aging?
  4. Who are your members?
  5. What kind of resources do you currently have available for women?
  6. What’s next for the organization?


Menopausemetamorphis to connect with others in your peer community.




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