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WELCOME! Change the way you age! It’s the International Council on Active Aging’s slogan and we love it! We’re not ready, willing, or able to age the same way generations before us have.

If you’re here and you’re fifty going on sexy or your 80 going on 90, you are rewriting history. We know things about the possibility of aging that we never knew before.

We aren’t inactive because we age. We age because we get inactive.

Even with health disparities that exits we know that 80 diseases are preventable or treated….with exercise. We are closing the gap between lifespan and healthy years.


The oxygen capacity of older adults who remain active is not far off younger cohorts. The mitochondria responsible for energy production are as responsive to exercise in 60 year olds as they are in 20 year olds. Brain power, particular your memory hosting hippocampus shows reversal of losses in size once attributed to the “natural process of aging.”

There’s nothing natural about being inactive. If you’re starting again or starting for the first time, the question is how to do it safely for optimal results. We were born to move and to eat things that were more recently alive not processed in a plant. We were meant to socialize not be on social media alone. Join our mailing list! Tips and news to keep you young and answer all your exercise and nutrition-optimizing questions….before you know to ask them.

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