Alternative & Natural Remedies for Health without Giving Up Luxury

Episode #506 In these times natural remedies for immune boosting, hormone balancing, and gut repair are growing in number. This interview episode features a guest whose own health scare led her away from a corporate life

My guest:

Kristy Garnet (Cl.H., M.Sc.) is a Holistic Living Empowerment Mentor & Clinical Herbalist serving high achieving professionals in healing naturally with clear & customized recommendations that do not sacrifice grace or luxury.

Having been in the corporate world for nearly 20 years, Kristy understands the demands a career puts on her clients’ health & personal life.

She offers corporate executives, business owners, and “type As” a way out of the overwhelming “alternative” health & wellness world so that they can fully stand in their power to choose the most appropriate holistic approach for them, release emotional resistance, and balance a career with luxurious self-care so they can reach their goals with energy & ease.

After a serious health scare in her 20s, Kristy started to discover the alternative health arena but was concerned she needed to give up the luxuries of modern life and the high-end lifestyle she enjoyed. 

Questions we answer in this episode:

  1. You think luxury the missing link when it comes to holistic living & healing, can you say more about that? But first, let’s define luxury.
  1. How do natural remedies & mindset awareness empower healing?
  2. What are the results when you begin to embody luxury?
  3. Where do you think can people find more time and energy?
  4. Let’s explain the difference between treating symptoms and the root cause – and why it’s so important to distinguish your goal


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Holistic Living with Luxury January 10- 21 2022

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The 5th Top Flipping 50 Podcast for Menopause Health & Fitness is…

(drumroll, please)

#5 What’s at the Core of Your Menopause Belly Woes?  

Is it fat? Is it bloat? Is it lack of muscle tone?

If it’s fat, from where? If it’s bloat, from where?

#4 Total Body Workouts vs Total Body Exercises

  • Based on your goals
  • Based on your hormone, joint, ligament status and health history

I look at menopause as a sport. Here’s how to train.

#3 7 Secrets to More Muscle in Menopause 

If you can lift heavy, you should. But what if you can’t? How to reach fatigue and be successful when you can’t go heavy is what this episode is all about.

#2 Blunt Fitness Facts as We Age | Real Talk Interview   

In this interview episode, I chat with Susan Niebergall who enjoyed a career as a school counselor and then became interested in fitness. As so many others do, she first solved her own challenge with midlife. She’s a straight talker, and we openly tackle myths and mindset crazy-ness that infects midlife women.

#1 Plant vs Animal Protein for Midlife Women | Ask the Experts   

Protein, really any food-flavored conversation, is a popular topic among women in midlife. So it’s no wonder that this one hit the top #1 podcast for 2021. Another interview episode this one with the team at Wise & Well. Maria Claps and Kristin Johnson and I break down the reasons behind advocating for animal protein for hormone support. It may ruffle your feathers, it may confirm what you thought or your body was telling you, but either way I think you’ll be glad you listened.

Resources mentioned:

STRONGER Tone & Define

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