My Holiday Wishes For Your Health, Happiness, and Fitness at 50 and For Always

The Holiday Half Dozen Tricks

Finish the year strong with these half-dozen tips for your optimal enjoyment of the season with energy and reserves to handle all the extra noise, chaos, and inconvenience (in other words … joy) that comes with family and friendships.

1. Lift Weights when you’re out of time. Lift fast (with power: still under control with a lift speed of 1 second and a lower of 3-4) or lift heavy (fatigue at 10 or fewer reps). Either way is a small time commitment for big rewards. You’ll get both the short and long term dividends of mood, fat burning, and lean muscle maintenance.

2. Do Intervals. Especially effective the day of big eating opportunities. You’ll curb appetite and burn more fat all day.

3. Practice Yoga or Meditate. Decrease your cortisol level with the mindful exercise and break from the world. Go inside so that your exterior presence is enhanced.

4. Sleep Optimally. Do what you have to do in order to protect yourself from noise (earplugs, white noise, severe warnings to those who need it), light (eye mask, dark curtains) and any reason you might wake before you’re ready. If you’re under stress you may need more sleep during the holidays.

5. Fuel Your Lean Ambitions. Start with protein. Include it and build meals and snacks around it. Include it in pre and post exercise. Protein and fiber together kick cravings to the curb, girlfriend. So while you may still choose to indulge, you’ll be in control of deciding to do it instead of surrendering to the temptation caused by deprivation and calorie slashing nonsense.

6. Redeem Yourself. Slip up? There’s a morning after pill for that too. Exercise in a fasted state first thing with sufficient intensity. You’l burn more fat all day. This is only relative to a real indulgent evening. During other time you burn more calories by staying with exercise longer and working harder if you’ve fueled first with something.


I always wondered when I got half a dozen roses… where the other 6 were. Here are yours. Six wishes for you this season. And a most sincere gratitude that you are here and I am able to get up every morning with purpose. 

Clarity about what you want in the coming year.

Abundance of support for reaching the goals you have for yourself.

A village so that you never feel alone on the path.

The physical, spiritual, and mental health to use your unique gifts in this world in a way that makes you smile about getting to it each morning. 

The ability to let go of ideas, thoughts, and habits that no longer serve you.

The thrill of risk-taking in everything from relationships, professional aspirations, to physical endeavors. 

If those things sound good to you, register for the Best Year Plan Workshop. Jan 1st, 12-1:30 MST.

Live – no recordings. Have you registered?


All the Best and the Brightest of the season to you,



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