Morning Routines, Training to Fatigue, and Defining “Fueled”

This episode is about morning routines, training to fatigue, and defining “fueled.” They may seem like unrelated topics yet they are from our pool of Flipping 50 Insiders questions. And you may have them too! 

In this episode I answer 3 community questions so that you too can hear the answers. Share  your question too by joining our Flipping50 Insiders group or by leaving a question or comment below the show notes. 


Mary asks about morning routines:

01:48 know you say ideally to wake, wait an hour or so before working out, then wait another hour before fueling with protein. That works well if I work from home, but that’s not usually the case. Do you have a suggested schedule for those of us who need to … 

Susi asks about training to fatigue: 

09:04 What does training to fatigue mean? I am very strong-willed and like to train hard (over-motivated). But I can still somehow do some repetitions, with good technique. But often I don’t realize it was too much until after the workout, when I feel tired. When is enough enough? 

Kathy asks about the definition of “fueled”: 

13:20 If you “feed” yourself prior to a workout, what does that really mean? I could drink 10 grams of protein or eat a spoonful of almond butter or ½ a banana. Is it any of those things? What is ideal? What is best when you want to train (Weights or HIIT) in the morning and have your high protein smoothie 60-90 minutes post workout? I feel I am at a plateau and wondering if I am doing things incorrectly. Of course I have my lemon water and then caffeine prior to my workout. Is there a period of time after having caffeine I need to wait before workout out? 

Thank you to Mary, Susi and Kathy for the question about morning routines, training to fatigue, and “fueled” – I’m more than certain other women are grateful you asked! 


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2 thoughts on “Morning Routines, Training to Fatigue, and Defining “Fueled””

  1. Hi Debra
    Just heard your answer to my question „when is enough enough“. I only do strength 2 x week for about 35 Minutes plus warmup and cooldown.
    I think it is the tiredness of too high cortisol. It‘s not a muscular fatigue or soreness that I feel after the workout, it‘s the feeling of being tired and wanna lay down for a little nap!
    So the last two weeks I only did strength 2 x week for 20-25 minutes plus warmup and cooldown because I was on vacation the weeks bevor and started easy. I took good load to fatigue my muscles and I felt good after the workout!! Energized like you always recommend.
    I think now I know what you mean. Thank you.

    1. Hi Susi! Glad you’re figuring it out. It sounds like it may be both high and low cortisol. You’re feeling tired when it’s low.. already tapped out either chronically, or you spike during the day and then drop down. Either way, the remedy is not to push through. You have to step back first. We can’t build a penthouse if the basement is flooded. So.. consider your sources of stress. Work on reducing or eliminating. Be sure you’re putting back in: rest, micronutrient dense meals (and enough of them!) with the right amount of macronutrients, and hydration. That all makes you ready for exercise so that it can do good. Hope you’re post- vacay vibe sticks around!!

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