How to Create and Keep a Morning Routine that Boosts Metabolism (At home or away)

best morning routineCould your morning routine –or the lack of one- be sabotaging your metabolism?

Things change.

While you’re traveling SO much can change! Your body likes routine!

Here’s where we go wrong so often. You’re in a different time zone. You eat later. You eat different. If you’re at a conference you’re socializing. You go to bed later. So, naturally, you make the mistake of thinking you should sleep later.

Here’s my secret. I don’t.

I’ll sacrifice that sleep lamb and get up at the same time as I usually do – or earlier – so I can do the same morning routine I usually do, so that I am “me” all the rest of the day.

If you’re a Flipping 50 program grad! (you’ve done the 28-Day Kickstart, Fit-U, or After 50 Fitness Formula), then you KNOW I put sleep on a high pedestal. You’ve got to have adequate sleep to have adequate hormones to make your exercise (and diet) habits stick.

But there’s an exception here.

A morning routine is more important that first morning and day of a trip than at any other time.

Let me tell you when that alarm goes off at the time that will allow you a usual routine, it can rude. It was 30 minutes ago as I write this post. But I know if I fast-forward four and eight hours later today I will feel a whole lot closer to 100% “me” if I get up for my usual morning routine. That for me will include:

  • A little quiet time (to write, brainstorm)
  • Sunshine
  • Movement
  • A typical Breakfast

So on infrequent days like this I keep my morning routine and forfeit a little sleep. If I shortchange something it is far more likely to be an evening activity. For me, staying up too late will negatively impact my days.

Know you. If you’re suffering from adrenal fatigueright now and you know sleeping in is the best thing for you, then do it. (…and potentially go to bed early too!)

This is all so important for feeling good the majority of the time you’re away. We get caught up in excitement or newness or simply don’t know ourselves well enough to know what’s best. If you focus on the two hours past your bedtime and then pay for it all day, or all trip, you just want to be sure it serves you best. Is it once in a lifetime? Is it happening so often that you’re feeling groggy and functioning poorly the rest of the time?

Is it worth it?

I had a hard time pulling myself away from friends I hadn’t seen in a few months last night. It’s the first of five nights at a conference. As much as that was important to me, I wish I hadn’t this morning! I’ll do better tonight at getting to bed early and I’ll feel better for having done it. If I don’t, I’ll be toast by the end of the weekend.

It’s AS important for you to have a morning routine at home. When you skip that morning “first two” – that I call the two hours that sets the quality for the other 22 – (or you never establish a morning routine) you will suffer. That internal clock never gets set and you feel groggy, off, hung over the rest of the day. It doesn’t matter what YOU do during that two hours as long as it is what YOU need to do during those two hours. I have thoughts on it!

For me and for many high performers (that’s not me putting myself into that group, btw, just a coincidence- or hopefully not!) there are certain habits that happen in the morning routine that are non-negotiable. Find your personal best morning routine and you’ll help your metabolism hum the rest of the day.

What’s your morning routine? I’d love to hear how you start high energy days!

facebook morning routine(Coming up on the Flipping 50 podcast I chat with @fermentationist Summer Bock about your body’s love for routine– don’t miss it!)

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