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mocha coffee Mocha Coffee Drink

Add collagen-rich protein to your morning pick-me-up. You don’t have to skip coffee, just do it better. Choose organic and clean coffee to start. Your skin, hair, nails, gut, and connective tissue love collagen, especially post-50 as estrogen drops. This way to use Paleo Power protein is a deliciously sneaky way to boost your collagen protein intake. Mocha coffee at home is super easy.



Prep your coffee. Blend the coffee with protein powder, cacao, and vanilla with a small immersion blender right in your mug until smooth. (Or add to a blender).

Flip: Add a dash of cinnamon

Flip: I use a coconut milk powder when I’m traveling as my coffee creamer

Mocha coffee could be flipped into a vanilla coffee too! Add a little real vanilla (no alcohol) extract instead of the raw cacao, and substitute Vanilla Paleo Power for the chocolate! Yum!

The benefit of adequate protein for metabolism, strength, stamina, and health is clear for all but never more important than for aging adults. Women notoriously get less protein than men. Though RDA’s and many apps may suggest you count grams by the day and have you consume based on body weight, research since 2008 suggests per meal is smarter. Your body can synthesize protein in specific amounts best. So yes, snack wisely, even have that mocha coffee wisely. But more so be sure you’ve got adequate protein at each of three meals. Read more about your protein needs for aging optimally here.

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