Exercise Physiology Plus Menopause Physiology for the Midlife Exercise Rx

In this episode discussing the midlife exercise rx I host Dr Kathleen Jordan as we discuss from a Medical Exercise Specialist and a physician the mash up of menopause symptoms and exercise solutions to mitigate and amplify good health now and for decades ahead. 

In case you’re curious, I have a couple stats. 

Nearly 50% of medical schools offer any training in exercise physiology. And 0% of these require it. At least 80% of physicians don’t feel comfortable recommending exercise.  

When a doctor recommends exercise they’re often helping you get moving at all. The suggestion to walk or do Pilates can be helpful. The match to your highest priorities comes from direct knowledge of the physiology of exercise + the physiology of menopause for the ideal midlife exercise Rx for you. Right now. Because it most certainly can change. 

My Guest:

Dr. Kathleen Jordan.  Described as a proponent of digital health and solving access issues, Dr. Kathleen Jordan has consistently leveraged innovative technology in patient care. After scaling her own medical practice, she became Chief Medical Officer at Dignity Health, then shifted to leadership roles at women’s healthcare startups. She was Chief Medical Officer at Tia, focused on young women, prior to joining Midi Health. Her career highlights include: establishing telehealth services at Dignity Health; attaining the Health Equity Leadership Certification for the hospital and its programs; establishing a new trans health program in San Francisco for which she was awarded the Leadership in Innovation Award; helping Tia grow from one site to a multistate organization with leading healthcare system partnerships. She joined Midi with the goal of helping all women in midlife feel better and live stronger, longer. Her expertise has been tapped by The Washington Post, CNN, Yahoo News, and many other media outlets. She is a graduate of the UCLA School of Medicine and Stanford University.

Questions We Answer in This Episode:

  • What fitness and workout recommendations do you have for a woman navigating menopause and/or perimenopause? 
  • What do you see are some common misunderstandings or mistakes women make in trying to maintain fitness over 50? A patient is in your office or on a telemedicine call, what’s the source of confusion or most common complaints? 
  • What do you believe to be the most important dietary considerations to further benefit a fitness routine during menopause? (and let’s be clear- are these not important for women who aren’t exercising?)
  • Some women don’t recognize they have entered perimenopause.. What are some of the lesser known or often overlooked symptoms?
  • What do you see as a physician are some of the special exercise challenges of women in midlife hormonal transition?
  • What are your thoughts about semiglutides like Ozempic?

Connect with Dr. Kathleen:


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