Speed Up a Slow Metabolism After (or Before) Weight Loss

This post is all about metabolism boosting after significant weight loss. If you’re trying to lose weight, these tips could help you too. Fifty-five year-old Geri lost 100 pounds recently.

Today’s question comes from 55-year old Geri who lost 100 pounds and she’s struggling with weight creeping back on.“I am wondering if there is a drastic change in my already-slow metabolism and how I can try to combat it.”

Congrats to Geri for deciding she did not want to be fat going into midlife (her words!) She changed her diet and has had amazing results. Lately though she’s feeling very fatigued and experiencing lightheadedness. 

Before Metabolism Boosting 

Get your blood pressure checked if you experience lightheadedness for unknown reasons. Check with your physician about your numbers. Monitor it before and after exercise for a week. Then in this episode we dive into the importance of managing exercise, food, and stress for Geri.

  • Muscles in Minutes: how to make sure you weight training routine is metabolism boosting for results you want.
  • The importance of having your body composition tested regularly. What is it and why does it matter?
  • Minute Made metabolism boostingsuggestions that might surprise you.
  • Stress Less –determine the source of the “10” out of 10 stress level Geri reported. If you’re at a seven or higher on that 0-10 scale, it’s time to regroup! Pushing through with exercise when you’re experiencing fatigue and lightheadedness is not wise. Start tracking, and dumping, your thoughts, your level of stress. Start a gratitude journal and a worry journal. If fatigue, stress, and lightheadedness don’t improve I share what to do. Stress can slow your metabolism as cortisol is released your metabolism comes to a screeching halt.

metabolism boosting

If you’re not able to reduce your level of stress by journaling, getting some alone time, being in nature, hanging out with a pet… then try a week without exercise and with extreme self care. Take walks in nature, long baths, a massage, and go screen-free. This is not the LESS exercise I write about in You Still Got It, Girl, but it is a temporary much less exercise to give you a reset and restore period you may need before exercise will again support your goals.

High stress levels combined with high intensity exercise can result in a lot of fatigue. That’s a signal to stop and slow down. Deal with the source of stress. Sure, sometimes we can negate the effects of stress with our exercise but when your bucket is full, it’s full, and you’ve got to find a temporary new solution.

Geri is sleeping well right now and that’s a good sign. Still, pushing through to try and target a slow metabolism with exercise while you’re high in stress with fatigue trying to get your attention will most likely backfire.

Reset for a week. Identify the source of your stress and work on how to balance it with joy, while reducing the source, or reframing it. 

Muscles in Minutes

I suggest twice a week High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio, twice a week weights, and one to two longer walks together with all-day activity for optimal metabolism boosting. Specific weight training details are below.


Make sure you’re reaching fatigue to influence metabolism. How? You can go heavy or go light and change (slow or add power) thetempo to get there. Rest three-to-five minutes between stimulating the same muscles again. An easy way to do this and still not spend all day in the gym is to sequence thoughtfully. Metabolism boosting weight training has to have these distinct qualities. Match your exercise to your goals, body type, status, and yes age, to overcome any obstacles one or more of them present.

One example:

  • Chest press
  • Bent over row
  • Squat
  • Core exercise

If each of those exercises takes one minute, you’ve allowed adequate rest to each muscle group before stimulating again.

Minute Made Meals

Introduce some carbohydrates back into your diet. If your diet is almost void of carbs completely, and it’s not working, adding some back in may help reduce fatigue and enhance serotonin production. Metabolism boosting happens when you’re eating more (of the right foods) so you’re messaging your body it can burn more. Carbs essentially make us feel good. The right ones at the right time can provide you with a little more energy.

Especially if you’ve tried to pick up the exercise to offset the lack of results you’re getting, you may need them. You’re body is now more fit, more athletic and operating without adequate nutrients may be stressing your body and causing it to slow.

Suggestions to consider:

Are you taking a “smart” multivitamin?  Cravings for sugar are often a sign of micronutrient deficiency.

The right type of carbohydrate – not the type that spike blood sugar but the type that has plenty of fiber and lifts your energy gently and keeps it elevated. Your exercise helps with blood sugar control – but so does the right food at the right time.

  • Add berries to breakfast
  • Add quinoa at lunch.
  • Try a sweet potato, beans, or brown rice at dinner.
  • Chili is a power-packed high quality carb meal.

Low blood sugar and low blood pressure can both cause lightheadedness. Together they’re a bad combination. As a reminder, check your blood pressure regularly and before and after exercise. Be aware of your blood sugar levels. A combination of low blood sugar and low blood pressure can be dangerous.

The Key Flip of the Day:

A woman over 50 can lose 100 pounds, and she can lose 5 or 10, and she can keep it off as long as she keeps listening to her body and responding appropriately.

metabolism boosting after 50 Thanks for watching! Don’t miss the juicy details and specials when each new episode is released that I only share with subscribers! 

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