The Metabolism Boosting Workouts I Do When I Don’t Have Time !!

Metabolism-boosting workouts are key to losing weight after 40! Just “lifting weights” may miss the mark! Without a plan and the right sequence, protocol.

In this episode, I’m going to give you a crash course on how we program at Flipping 50. You will have a very short course in personal training! And we should all know a few basics about what’s enough stimulus? What’s too much? What’s the rest time between? And when you have very little time what should you choose to do vs ditch? 

I like to think of it like a bullseye in a target. Every program I design for our Flipping 50 Membership is based on what’s worked for menopausal women in scientific studies. The workouts utilize the highest priority source of exercise volume.

It’s not just “more” exercises. It’s about enough volume for major muscle groups. For instance, 3 exercises 3 or 4 or 5 times is far more valuable than 8 muscle groups done 2 times. 

And when you have days that are short… We can’t be all or nothing.

Check out this Youtube video:

 This video describes how to do metabolism-boosting workouts yourself. Watch here or above.  20-Minute Total Body Strength Workout | Women Over 50

Let’s define a few terms: 

  • Protocol: how you put the pieces together…. Insupersets, trisets, circuits… for instance
  • Supersets
  • Trisets
  • Circuits

Metabolism Boosting Workouts: How I Structure

The 5 Components of a workout (Video link to watch from YouTube)

Warm up: 

Start with some aerobic movement: walking, dancing, stationary bike, whatever you have available 

Then follow with dynamic moves. A rear lunge with arms over head or with rotation, for example. A move I call “spyders” from a plank where you step a foot up and reach for the ceiling with one arm then the other and return to plank and repeat on other side.

If this is all losing you… I’ll link to a recent video I did just like this on YouTube.

  • Goblet Squat
  • Bent Over Row
  • Side Lunges – alternating sides


  • Chest Press
  • Bent Arm Pullover
  • Rear Lunges- same leg

Cool down with 3 “Compound stretches”
Stretch more if you have time

You’ll wonder, is this worth it? Absolutely! Less is more. Reaching complete fatigue is the key! Don’t get there part way on lots of exercises. Get there all the way with fewer that target major muscle groups instead.

What About Split Routines: One Muscle Group a Day for Metabolism?

I know you may be asking this. Two things to consider. Time. Recovery.. Not just of muscles but of your adrenals. And your time. If you are strapped for time, total body is best, oddly enough. But you can move workouts adjust, shorten and lengthen without risk of losing that metabolism benefit. 

Rest is a factor. 

When repetition range is lower the Weight goes up… rest required increases (so time does not decrease)
Reps go up… speed often goes up (but shouldn’t!!) 
So, a 45-minute workout total body 2x a week becomes at least a 45-minute workout split routine 4 times a week, and often 5 or 6 depending on the program. 

Leg day is the only one you’re really able to hit metabolism hard with a split. Yet, you can insert chest and back with a single super set of 3-5 sets with low to moderate reps and still do 3-4 lower body exercises that stimulate more muscle in the total body. 

Done for you? The Flipping 50 Membership is open twice annually and if you hurry you might catch it! If not we have a notifications list and other options for starting. 

No woman over 50 wants to allow muscle loss (metabolism loss) to happen and it is if you’re not strength training with a plan!

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