5 Menopause Workout Tips from Recent Exercise Studies

Let’s get into the science today. These 5 menopause workout tips stem from recent research featuring women in menopause and effects of menopause. If this is you, was you or will be you… I’m so glad you’re here! 

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Because insufficient estrogen levels lead to loss of muscle protein synthesis, during menopause transition when this is the most significant, there needs to be an increased external stimulus (lifting weights) and protein compared to before menopause transition.

Solution: Lifting heavier and or with more volume (not frequency) than PRE menopause and consuming a regular dose of high quality protein throughout the day: both proven to boost muscle protein synthesis.

Science: Gerontology, 2021

#2 Menopause Workout Tips: The Greatest Loss of Lean Muscle Tissue Occurs…

… during the phase from Early Perimenopause to Late Perimenopause (27%) percent. This is the greatest opportunity to PREVENT losses that follow in greater significants too.

Though early and late postmenopause phases also reflect signficantly high muscle loss, they could be mitigated by positively influencing what occurs for most women between 40 and 50. (Understand every woman’s menopause journey is unique)

If you didn’t, start. If you’re in perimenopause (know it or not in your 40s) begin this muscle protein synthesis boosting NOW.

#3 Menopause Workout TIps: Greater Volume During a Session vs Greater Volume in Frequency

…Provides Greater muscle mass, strength, and endurance. THIS is really an important concept to consider. When volume is identical comparing 3x a week with 2 sets of strength vs 2x a week with 3 sets of strength, the latter was far more beneficial.

There’s more. If you combine this study with others demonstrating adrenal insufficiency, recovery rate, and the number one obstacle for exercise (time), there is a huge advantage to less frequent, yet additional sets creating a volume of stimulus with a more positive effect.

Science: Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 2022

#4 Menopause Workout Tips: Still Ovulating? A Time to Lift Heavy, a Time to Do Agility Moves

Plan your exercise with your cycle or you miss an opportunity to make fitness gains and decrease risk injury.

During week 2 or ovulation, That is about 10-14 days after your cycle starts, is the BEST time to lift heavy. Yet, it is the worst time to do agility and rapid directional changes of movement.

The effects of estrogen mean muscle benefits significantly from heavy and power work, and is supported by rigid tendons. However the combination of rigid tendons and lax ligaments also created with high estrogen mean injury risk is greater during this time.

Very often, women begin reporting greater injury or repeat injuries during perimenopause and there’s no proof but I do suspect that not honoring this cycle is a contributing factor. Then once you’ve got a weak link you are not aware of, the repeated stress without cycling workout stimulus is worsened.

Menopause? of course estrogen is over all, down. But cycling or periodization is still a consideration in order to optimize benefits and decrease risk of injury.

Science: Frontiers in Physiology, 2019

#5 Menopause Workout Tips: 3 Solutions for Overcoming Sarcopenia or Anabolic Resistance

Muscle protein synthesis is a chief mechanism for maintaining and gaining lean muscle. Estrogen’s positive influence on muscle is removed or reduced during menopause. What’s left?

  • Resistance Training
  • High quality protein at regular intervals throughout the day (high quality includes sources with adequate leucine and EAA important to muscle gain)
  • Supplementation – if dietary protein goals aren’t achieved (could include protein powder, EAAs, Creatine, and or BCAAs)

The greatest of these is Resistance Training. The stimulus is a must.

Science: Nutrition Metabolism, 2016


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