How I Mastered Menopause Metabolism with Exercise

If menopause metabolism has put pounds on you and or belly fat is an issue no matter what else is going on with weight, this is your read. I’d be willing to bet that most of what you believe – because it’s what you’ve been taught – is part of the problem. In this post I uncover what worked for me, and how I discovered the research that made my “accidental” optimal menopause metabolism formula no accident at all.

I stumbled onto something that in any other circumstances I would have completely screwed up.

I was in the worst year of my adult life. It started with excitement (doesn’t it always?) that quickly turned to panic, and fear, and tears taking every picture off my walls while others were putting up holiday decorations.

I had to sell my house. After having quit my safe, secure job, (I volunteered for that one), having a 10 year relationship fall apart, my son went to college, I was working in isolation feeling “dumb” about all things online.

I went from someone who exercised 10 or more hours a week to someone who exercised for 20 minutes a day.

I was stressed.

And blessed. Because…

This Menopause Metabolism Insight Will Surprise You

I went from someone who exercised 10 or more hours a week to someone who exercised for 20 minutes a day.

And after months of it I barely recognized myself. I looked BETTER. I was leaner, stronger, and healthier looking than when I thought I was in the best shape of my life months before when I’d finished an Ironman.

I dug into all the research to figure out what had happened to me… since that was opposite all the dogma about “more exercise, less food” right? I was barely exercising compared to the fitness enthusiast I’d been for 3 decades. At 49… what a time to cut back on exercise, right?

Actually…. Exactly RIGHT!

What I learned is that I’d been doing it all wrong. And MOST women are doing it all wrong. Most trainers and fitness instructors are doing it all WRONG.

The exercise programs they offer have in fact the opposite intended effect for middle-aged women. (and… next on my to-do list is think of much sexier name because frankly, no one really wants to be the middle child, be middle-of-the-road or middle-aged)

How would I have screwed it up?

I would normally have exercised more and harder to get results if I was gaining weight or feeling less than fit.

Hands up… is this you too?

It is the answer you’ve heard from your girlfriend, trainer, and even doctor. Exercise more, eat less.

You’ve been led to believe calories control your weight. That advice totally ignores that hormones control what’s done with those calories. Do you burn them or store them? Hormones call the shots.

Since 1984 I’ve been working as a fitness instructor, trainer, manager, international presenter, health coach, and trainer of trainers in the fitness industry. I’ve seen and heard every single problem women 40-60+ have because women in that demographic are the largest population represented in fitness participants, fitness members, and personal training clients.

What the Research Told Me

I took all the first-hand primary research and experience I had and began to look for the research studies on women in perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause. I looked at the women who aged most successfully (without the personal chef, maid, or luxurious spa days regularly) and those who didn’t – who struggled.

I learned that a very small fraction of research is even done on women in perimenopause, menopause, or post menopause. And that’s important in it’s own right that we separate those because “after 50” programs for “seniors” are usually B.S. programs with a label. They ensure that you’ll be surrounded by peers within 10-20 years age of you (is that even narrow?) but doesn’t ensure the program is created based on research about you.

The guidelines or position statements created about exercise or given by the Surgeon General for that matter, don’t address nuances of hormones or you, the woman who is experiencing the most dramatic shift and roller-coaster ride on hormones in her life.

And… in case you’re thinking, thank God I’m done with that, you’re never done with hormones!  You are a woman in menopause for 40-50% of her life. Which depending on how long you plan to live and when you first experience perimenopause is 40-50 years of your life.

TMI on Overdrive

In addition to fighting o-besity, women in midlife are fighting info-besity. Too Much Information, or TMI, is killing us. The women I meet virtually, who are clients, or in audiences I speak to, tell me that they’re so confused by all the information.

It’s why I created Flipping 50. It is your filter. It is here that you ONLY find information that is based on research for and about you. Because what works for a 25-year old fit male (most often featured in studies) is not likely to work for a 55 or 65-year old woman in menopause (fit or not). But when we have proof, and proven programs (we measure pre and post ALL Flipping 50 programs and are using them to communicate with doctors about what is working for women in midlife) then we can narrow our focus. We can stop the information freeway and get on the road that makes us feel better faster.

And the answer isn’t more exercise, it’s less exercise.

The answer isn’t less food, it’s more food.

In both cases, it’s about learning how to do it better. Without deprivation or punishment.

If you hate it along the way you’re not headed to a level of fitness and body con that you’ll love to maintain.

If you love it along the way you’re headed to a lifetime of activity, energy, and vitality.

The Flipping 50 website is full of blogs and podcasts to support your journey. If you’re serious about getting a better GPS though, the real goods are found inside the Flipping 50 Café. Enrollment is open twice a year and while I record this, it’s open or opening soon (November 20-Dec 1). If you’ve come later… never fear, you can get on the first-to-be notified list and you’ll hear about any juicy special Café membership offer first, too!

Be first to know when doors are open.

Menopause Metabolism Doesn’t Have to Slow

Listen, I understand how very un-intuitive it is to exercise less and or not think that since you’re getting older you’re delicate and you need to go easy. Oddly enough, many of the current articles published today still reflect that old myth and feed into your confusion.

What I suggest is that if it’s not working for you – either the “more” exercise approach or the “go lightly” exercise approach- is that you learn more. Learn current research, what is proven to work, and has worked for thousands of Flipping 50 students in the last 7 years.

The place where you’ll find the most in depth content for exercising at home (or in a gym) is the first and only hormone balancing fitness site in the world. It’s (and I am) dedicated to women in perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause… and it’s the Flipping 50 Cafe. 

It’s less than a gym membership. It’s less than a personal trainer. It’s less than a nutritionist. It’s less than a health coach. And I can help you in all of those areas, with 35 years of experience working with women just like you (and me). I’m 55 and I get it. I get everything that you learned – because I learned it, even taught it, too. But we know so much more now. It’s just a matter of understanding how to change your thoughts and do the right actions. I’ve studied exercise psychology for over 30 years for just that reason.

Doors open soon (maybe while you’re reading this) for a short time.

Take a quick tour inside the Café with me here.

Then join while it’s open for the 2020 you’ll love.


Coming Soon- TEDx talk given November 2019

Flipping 50 Cafe

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