Menopause can turn up the heat on anyone

Are you too struggling with hot flashes, night sweats, or menopause weight gain? Have you been told by a doctor, trainer, or nutritionist that it’s just age and a phase? My guest to day is Denise Stegall, Healthy Living Coach.

Denise has years of experience working in restaurants focused on nutrition and menu creation. She’s attended classed at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and the New Orleans Cooking Experience and most recently the professional plant-based cooking course through

The core of Denise’s health coaching is based on three principles: Eat Real Food, Make Good Choices, and Be Accountable.

Denise is almost Flipping 50 … here to share some nuggets and her own story… which is the reason she and I met. ..she reached out about a new project she had with this passion burning behind it… to help women struggling to find the answers for themselves … potentially also frustrated by the lack of real answers even in the overwhelming options – what I frequently call “infobesity.”

Denise created the Have It All Summit: Optimize Your Health, Find Balance and Love the Life You Live to help other women juggling it all and doing it all start enjoying it all.

Some pieces of Denise’s story:

  • She started getting hot flashes at age 37. She was told by a much older, male GYN that that my age it “just a phase”.
  • Looked on line and there was so much information, misinformation and lots of pill, potions, cream: You name it.
  • Fast forward 10 years and stiil on the pill, still taking Herbal Equilibrium, hot flashes getting worse, unexplained weight gain. Even with my knowledge and education I am often at a loss as to what I should do. So much more misinformation, “ pseudo experts and products that claim they have the answer.

Let’s talk a little about the summit you’re doing and what led to the birth of that project?

Questions we answer:

  1. What is the “Have It All” Summit?
  2. What is its purpose?
  3. Why is this series important to you?
  4. Who do are some of the experts on the summit. What do you discuss wit them
  5. The tag line “Optimize Your Health, Find Balance and Love the Life You Live may seem out of reach to some of our listeners … hopefully not the Flipping 50 followers! Why do you think it’s possible?

Link for Have It All Summit

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Have you had a doctor told you to exercise more and eat less? Or a trainer told you to accept that you’re getting older, or possibly accuse you of eating more than you’re saying or not doing the exercise between sessions you said you are? Have you had a nutritionist tell you that based on your calories in and calories out you should be losing weight?

Register here:

Some of the guests on the summit include:

Katie Mae of

Christie Miller of

LuAnn Buechler of

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