Menopause Belly Fat Weight Gain | Reader Q and A Why? And What to Do

Dealing with menopause belly fat weight gain? So is one reader who asked for a refresher on this very commonly visited question at Flipping50. And here’s what you can do about it.

I am wondering if you have any insights into why postmenopausal women gain weight in the stomach or lower stomach. I understand cortisol plays a big role. -Dixie

In addition to refreshing your memory on the why here on possibly the most common question here at Flipping50, I’ll share the resources I’ve shared the past 7 years. I’ll give you a short list of items in the show notes here to use as a check list. And share resources if those aren’t coming easy to you.

Questions I answer:

  • What hormone shifts influence menopause belly fat weight gain?
  • What does estrogen have to do with it?
  • How does cortisol, as well as insulin come into it?
  • Exercise that is most effective
  • Is it fat, bloat, or constipation? Be sure you know.

Menopause Support Checklist

  • Adaptagens  – maca – see macapause below, rodiola, ashwaganda
  • Decrease stress exposure/Enhance your selfcare
  • Change the way you exercise – first reduce fatigue (see 5 Day Flip)
  • Reduce dietary-induced stressors (alcohol, processed foods, and those foods not agreeing with you!)
  • Sleep (see Sleep Yourself Skinny)
  • Optimize your carbohydrate cycling for cortisol and sleep
  • Make sure you have adequate protein content daily at each meal
  • Learn the cycle of carbs, protein, and fat (the After 50 Fitness Formula™)

Belly fat weight gain is not an absolute. Yes, many women do experience it. Treat it as a sign you’re not adjusting your lifestyle habits to meet your needs now, not as a permanent sentence. 

Signs of menopause are just whispers that you need to make changes in your lifestyle medicine. You can change, if you change.



Natural Menopause Solutions You’ll Love

Flipping 50 Insiders

Lab testing Cortisol – 4 sample saliva test

About Flipping 50

Flipping 50 hosts the First and Only Exclusively dedicated Fitness Membership for Women in Menopause. It’s based on research featuring women in menopause. You’re not a mice, a man, or a young woman. And you don’t just have hormones to work with, you have joints, ligaments, a history, and more conditions to juggle along with hormonal changes.

That doesn’t make it harder or impossible. It does mean whether you’re getting started, restarted, or you’re an athlete, you need intelligent exercise made for you. 

You’ll find not only the exercise, but the reason why you’re exercising in the way you are and what it’s doing for and to you. Try a small sample of hormone resetting exercise here. It’s 5 days of short videos, planned, not random, and for you not for “anyone.”



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