Exercise for the Time-Crunched, Energy-Drained Menopausal Woman #457

Episode #457 What’s a menopausal woman to do when she’s short on time and energy and long on goals? This episode is a quick reminder of what works – according to science – and what does not – according to science.

What’s the ideal schedule for a midlife woman? That was a recent question asked in our Flipping50 Insiders group. I’m combining the response, with … when I’m busy!

What’s Inside

The evidence-based details relayed here are backed up by 37 years observations of women in midlife, including many fitness instructors who became easily burnt out. Our Flipping50 community of 200,000 women in menopause provide the additional proof through feedback, questions, and requests.

You can hop into the Flipping50 Insiders Facebook group too where podcast listeners, YouTube Flipping50tv subscribers, and Flipping 50 TV episode viewers gather for a community of like-minded women.

For menopausal woman, with a unique set of hormone changes, metabolism, and body composition – not to mention socialization, I won’t keep you in suspense.

Here’s what I’ll share:

  • What works
  • What doesn’t work
  • Why this is true

What works?

  • Quality strength training sessions
  • HIIT sessions
  • Short exercise snacks of mobility, core, and movement

What doesn’t?

  • Skipping
  • Weekend warrior
  • Too little recovery

Split routine strength (if weight loss is a goal, and adrenal fatigue is a threat)

What? Not More?

For a menopausal woman the shock is almost always about the reduced volume of exercise that is required. I want to emphasize “required.” While you may still be thinking, if you do the required and then you lose do MORE, you’ll get better results. IN THIS case, it’s required that you do LESS>

But listen, this is like already having an A+ and then doing extra credit. It’s not going to change your GPA, but it might take away from your ability to do work in other areas of your education or life.

While you keep trying to do better, essentially going for the 4.2 instead of the 4.0 average in English… your math and science grades are falling. Overall, someone else with a better overall performance gets to be the valedictorian.

If you exercise to excess and skip the recovery, the nutrition, the family and personal life balance, chances are, you get tired, fat and weaker if not injured.


Do less. Just do it in a way that’s made for you… not marketed to you. Flipping 50 programs are 100% built for you. Flipping50 Fitness Specialists are trained to identify when your workouts aren’t working with the rest of your life, sometimes before you realize the signs and symptoms were there all along.

Some programs and memberships are open only a few times a year for enrollment. If you’re a trainer or health coach, there’s never been a better time to be a menopause fitness specialist through Flipping50.

Resource Mentioned in the Episode:

How to Choose An Exercise Program

5-Day Kickstart

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