Meet the Team Flipping 50 Behind the Scenes

This is absolutely the first time I’ve done a greet and meet the team here at Flipping 50. [ Not completely true though – We’ve had one community coach on the show to talk about her 60th birthday and her perspective on it.] In the She Means Fitness Business podcast (for you fitness and health pros) I’ve introduced the positions I have hired and the order I hired them in, how I create job responsibilities… all things to help pros start a business, grow it, or scale it. 

I’ll link to that in the show notes. Of course it too is everywhere you listen to podcasts and if you’re a midlife woman serving midlife women or who wants to… this is produced just for you! (and it’s been around longer than Flipping 50 in fact). 

Today you’ll meet our team from the way behind the scenes to the front lines for the first time. I’m grateful for each and every one of them. I’ve been accidentally lucky to find them. 

Starting out as in many businesses, I wore all the hats. I’ve always treated positions where I’ve had another boss as if they were my own. So this wasn’t a new feeling. I was allowed a lot of autonomy in positions I’ve held. I appreciate knowing my goals and exceeding them in the way I work best, which may not be the traditional or conventional way. 

I try to remember that with my team too. Everyone has good ideas. Leaning on others and finding their zone of genius so everyone loves their job is a goal we can all relate to. 

Meet the Flipping 50 Team!

To make this far more fun than just sharing day-to-day activities which btw can be too numerous to mention – we’re asking some super fun questions to let their personalities shine. 

I asked everyone behind the scenes a few rapid fire questions you may love hearing the answers to. 


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