Whole Body Vibration for Longevity in Women 40+

For the ultimate tips on longevity in women 40 and over we’re diving into whole body vibration in this episode with a spokesperson and brand ambassador for Power Plate. 

Did you know whole body vibration was first used by astronauts to essentially add protection of bones when in space? Did you know the brand I use, Power Plate, has been available for 20 years? 

My Guest:  

Caroline Pearce, a former international heptathlete and bobsledder for Great Britain, seamlessly transitioned into a successful career as a TV presenter, reporter, commentator, and event host. Holding a First Class Honors Degree in Sports Science and a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Loughborough University, she is also a published author and a go-to fitness and nutrition consultant.

Currently a leading host and reporter for TNT Sports UK, Caroline presents pre and post-fight shows and interviews on the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) and boxing. She has also served as a host for ESPN, Fox Sports and NBC Sports. As a fitness and health expert with over 15 years of experience, she is an author, produced an award-winning DVD fitness series, and content contributor. She is here because of her 20 years as a master trainer specializing in Power Plate whole body vibration education.

Her extensive athletic career includes achievements as a national heptathlon champion and silver medallist in the Long Jump. Caroline represented Great Britain in the European Cup Heptathlon Team and later joined the Great Britain Bobsleigh team competing at the World Championships. As ‘Ice’ on the revival of ‘Gladiators,’ she became a fan-favorite, showcasing her prowess in sports-entertainment.

Pigeon pose on Power plate whole body vibration
Power Plate - use CODE: Flipping50

Questions We Answer in This Episode:

  • Tell us how old you are? 
  • First, how did you go from a long jump medalist to spokesperson for Power Plate? What’s the relationship there? 
  • That said, let’s talk about the results and kind of exercise you were doing for rehab that gave you such great results? 
  • Any studies that stand out for you- one for me is the activation of the lateral quad at 138% greater rate compared to the same exercise off? 
  • Let’s review the Hz and the Amplitude settings and discuss what they mean and why it’s important and related to results. 
  • This audience is focused on bone loss prevention or reversing and the research on bone density benefits with WBV/Power Plate have been extremely impressive and hopeful – what protocols are you seeing greatest benefits from? 
  • Let’s talk research on weight loss and particularly visceral belly fat, given it’s such a high risk factor for disease and many of our listeners, whether weight is or isn’t an issue are dealing with belly fat, blood sugar issue and insulin resistance as a part of pre-diabetes
  • The reduction in the appearance of cellulite I want to say is not why 95% of my audience would invest in Power Plate, yet no listener is going to object to that extra bonus! Say more about this
  • Let’s talk about benefits for those least active and or for those times inactivity has  a reason-  injury healing, lymph stimulation
  • What might be common mistakes women may be making with their WBV? 


Power Plate: https://www.flippingfifty.com/PowerPlate CODE: Flipping50


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