5 Last Minute Gifts Over 50 Women Will Love

Time is running out. Last minute gifts are the topic of the day! Please tell me I’m not the only one doing some last minute shopping this weekend? Or responding to “what do you want for Christmas?” from others?

My personal list is really short this year. There isn’t really a list of things anyone but me can give me and knowing that is a gift in itself. I don’t want a sweater or a sweatshirt or more tights or jackets. I don’t want a massage or a facial. Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of things like those that I’d enjoy. But without what really makes you happy down deep those things are really quite inadequate.

I have had some amazing gifts in my life.

One of the best gifts I’ve ever been given as an adult was a card after I’d completed one of my early Ironman. It was a gift promising the registration and travel and all the visors and t-shirts I wanted for any Ironman I wanted to do in the future.

Another gift I’ve received, two actually from my big sister as a child may not have been Christmas gifts but they were the kind of gifts that inspire dreams and imagination. I kept both for decades. One was a drafting table and the other was a subscription to Print Magazine. As a budding graphic designer I was in heaven. I used those tattered subscriptions for inspiration for years.

So that’s the bar I’m holding this post to and hope it inspires something amazing for you. None of these gifts were something to be consumed and finished. They were the beginning of something. That’s what I hope you’ll find below.

1 The Flipping 50 Retreat

If you’d love to attend this desert retreat full of hiking and habit change, now is the time. Special 25% off right now with code “holiday”. Your dates are January 30th – Feb 2. (Arrive the afternoon on the 30th and leave no sooner than late afternoon the 2nd). As soon as you’re in I’ll share the training schedule and local lodging options with you (it is a busy time in the sunshine of Scottsdale so you’ll want to book soon).

This is a 3 day event, and it’s intended to change the way you feel about habits, and look at adjusting your mindset, your skills, and influencing your entire year beyond these days. Experiences away from your routine are the perfect setting to change your life. Pivotal moments occur when you’re out of your every day environment.

2 DNA Testing

Would you love to know how your genetics predispose you to get fit faster with more or less endurance or strength training? Would it change the way you ate if you knew you’re genetically predisposed to be at optimal weight with a higher carbohydrate or fat diet?

Would you be more likely to take those vitamins if you knew that they supported your optimal aging and avoiding specific diseases your genes otherwise predispose you for?

Do you want to have an easier time with weight loss and exercise? Genetic testing, that provides an extensive list of truths about you, and what you can do to either express certain genes or suppress them, can make fitness so much easier than randomly following a program or exercise videos.

Even if you’re following a specific program like Stronger or doing The Whole Flip, you’ll have the most success and get fit the quickest and most enjoyable way if we exercise according to your body’s unique preferences.

If you’re interested in what your genetics tell you about your optimal exercise, motivation, and nutrition for results so we can customize your fitness program further, message me about a combination DNA and review of results session. We can look at DNA specific to weight loss, nutrition, performance, or endurance. Here are the three options below. Use mygenes15 for 15% off your test, results, and review session.

3 Hormone and Micronutrient Testing 

Dig deep into what’s really going on in your body and get a review of results based on “optimal” levels instead of a comparison to “normal” levels which include a the average of a lot of unhealthy people. You order labs yourself, called self-directed labs, and then share them with me. We meet for a coaching session and review your lab along with your current exercise and lifestyle habits and how you’re feeling. From that you get habits you may want to consider to improve your levels – or you’re retesting and understanding the impact of your fitness and health habits on your results.

Choose your lab here. There are two packages available or you may choose ala carte. If you do choose a package use code: Flipping50now to take $200 off the Elite panel (already a bundle of savings!) or the more all-inclusive Transformation panel. 

If you haven’t peeked under the hood and you’ve got a few mysteries about your status that don’t add up for you, lab testing together with your own signs and symptoms will give you a better strategy for success.


Now’s the time to set 2020 into action! You can register for Stronger I now for 25% off regular rate. This 12-week program is designed for you (hormone balancing fitness based on women in perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause). You’re not broken! You do have very different needs than a 25-year old athletic male, however. And yet most research is based on that demographic – or at least a demographic other than you.

No coupon needed, discount is taken at checkout… but time is running out. You’ll be able to register later but there’s no early discount after December 24.

See details here about this popular strength program where you’ll work at home, interact with your peers, and have access to me in your private Facebook group.

Women's Health Coaching After 50: 90 Day 5 Private Coaching

Checking in regularly with someone who has your back, is going to ask you challenge questions, and help you determine next steps that makes sense, accelerates your progress. You may get there eventually on your own. But most of us tend to take detours. We read 3 (or 6) articles on line and then can’t decide which one really applies to us.

We get overwhelmed with choices and don’t do anything. Or we do lots of things all at once and then have no idea what worked and didn’t.

If you want and need help making your program custom – because you’re not able to do it for yourself. You’re not alone:

“You can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame.”

Or if you have a special condition or circumstances that are making it a challenge to take forward action without setbacks, then private coaching is the best and fastest way to know you’re moving in the right direction. You still do the work. But the follow through and specific plan with a reason why, help you do it, and determine realistic goals every week (and day) that add up to success.

You’ve got two options. First, VIP coaching is one-on-one and includes weekly exercise plans (daily workouts), nutrition to support your exercise, daily habits, recommendations for additional considerations like testing or questions for your practitioner, and access to Debra for quick questions that no one else has. Your VIP packages are 3 or 6 months with weekly calls. You have two convenient ways to pay. Full pay option provides you with full access to the Flipping 50 membership during coaching.

Second, if you’re already enrolled or have recently completed a Flipping 50 program, you’re eligible for a “Fast Flip” coaching package. The accountability of weekly calls and access to ask Debra anything are still a part. You get a strategy to focus on for the next week during your weekly check in calls with her so you can continue the momentum of your program or deepen the customization of one you’re in. Send us a message at [email protected] to request a Fast Flip invitation.

Looking for something else? Stocking Stuffers? Grab my Holiday Gift Guide! It’s a few of my favorite things, and then some!

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