Is It Adrenal Dysfunction? How to Know, and What to Do | #456

Episode #456 Is your tired-all-the time really adrenal fatigue? What does that mean if so and what do you do about it? This episode is all about it and then some.

My Guest:

Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN, NP, is passionate about transforming the way women experience healthcare through an integrative approach.

She co-founded the world-renowned Women to Women Clinic in 1983 with the vision to not only treat illness, but also help support her patients in pro-actively making healthier choices to prevent disease. She has successfully treated thousands of individuals through her unique approach to wellness.

Since 2001, has reached women worldwide – offering informative articles on women’s health issues and at-home solutions to some of the most troublesome symptoms they experience today. Marcelle was honored to be among the first to be certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner.

She is the author of The Core Balance Diet, Is It Me or My Adrenals? and Is It Me or My Hormones?

Questions we answer in this episode:

  • How are adrenals affected by stress?
  • What symptoms would a listener experience when she is having problems with her adrenals?
  • What causes Adrenal Dysfunction?
  • How does one heal adrenal problems?
  • How long does it take to feel and see a difference?

Yours: Is It Adrenal Fatigue?

Listener, if you have a question about whether it is adrenal fatigue that could be causing your sluggishness, lack of mojo, and what to do about it, leave it below the show #456.

Your attempts to push through, or step around it in order to lose weight are potentially going to backfire. Identify what you’re dealing with, handle that, and then weight loss is often easier than you think, requiring less exercise that you can enjoy along the way.

Women, become your own midwife for your own life. –Marcelle Pick 

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Adrenal Solutions Challenge

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Cholesterol is the mother hormone. -Marcelle Pick


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