Interval Tuesday for After 50 and my Saturday chicken binge

I’ll dive right into interval Tuesday. Remember that if you’re a love-to-exercise peep…this will seem short. It is supposed to. Leave it all there on your intervals and need the recovery and even if you finish feeling like you could do more, it has done it’s job! And you’ll be spending extra energy in the next 24 hours as your body recovers!

Passive energy expenditure is nice!


Warm up 10 minutes>>>Yes, You always want to warm up!

:30 work to 1:00min recovery x 10>>>:30 work to :30 second recovery x 15>>>1:00 work and 1:00 recovery x 10*

Cool down at least 5 minutes>>> Cool down 5 minutes easy movement


Warm up 10 minutes>>>Yep! You guessed it: repeat!

:30 work to :30 recovery x 30>>>1:00 work to 1:00 recovery x 15>>>1:30 work to 2:00 recovery x 10*

Cool down at least 5 minutes>>>Cool down 5 minutes easy movement

​*As these intervals get longer, it’s more difficult to maintain the intensity. Think of the first part of your interval as building up and the second half as maintaining the intensity. Try to avoid starting out strong and fading out. Keep good form. As you tire at the end of each interval and in the later of your 10 intervals no matter whether you chose to swim, run, or eliptical – don’t cheat. Catch yourself tightening up where you don’t need it and release that. And if you’ve just fallen apart? You’re done today. Only train the good ones! 

If you didn’t nail the workout last week…repeat it. Don’t progress to the next until you have done the due diligence. That’s where going to a class can get tricky! Don’t do what the person next to you is doing ….do what you need to based on what you were able to last time and only a reasonable increase from that.

Now, surely you’re dying to hear how my vegan experiment is going or not. I’ve failed as a vegan. It’s fair to say. Yep, six days in and I caved and got one of my cures-anything favorites after a long endurance training ride on Saturday. I ordered Veggie Pho with chicken. It has tofu in it already and the chicken completes the picture. Post a long training the rice noodles are perfect for replenishing glycogen. The sodium in broth is like chicken soup as a recovery agent there’s none better (ala my colleagues at ISU determined years ago).

Here’s why I both wrestled with ordering and with not. I committed!! Enough said. I don’t too often not follow through. I did it though because I’m wrestling under the hood with the fact I do think we’re meant to eat (or at least I am) some animal protein. The absorption of iron and B12 and Omega 3 is optimal through animal protein. I find that a set of vitamin, mineral and powders sitting on my counter instead of food in my refrigerator didn’t sit well with me at all. Instead of getting away from processed foods I felt I was digressing to using more of them when they had been in my normal diet all along.

So, there’s a piece. The next piece is  a puzzling one and I don’t have the answer yet. I’ve been in the mountains for 17 months and still have trouble breathing when I run. Biking and swimming are fine. My aerobic capacity is good yet I can’t settle into a run. It’s baffling. I’ve enjoyed running a little more when I go home to the Midwest or travel to sea level. Yet, as they say, my lungs should have ‘come in by now.’ It’s the only time I have this fatigue- I’m not tired otherwise. So I’m curious about iron levels and hemoglobin, B12 levels and just what might be up.

I have good cortisol levels, no thyroid issues, no sudden weight gain or loss, no signs or symptoms of adrenal fatigue, love my sleep and as long as dog doesn’t throw up in the middle of the night (like last night) I stay asleep as long as the sun does. (Yes, in winter I could sleep a lot if left to do it!)

​All of those things above I’d be asking you if you were telling me the same symptoms. I am sharing with you in case you feel the same way. Some of these signs are normal for a beginner. But after 30+ years of consistent training and even 18 months of adaptation -less easily explained.

Testing tomorrow and fortunately some conferencing with other boomer fitness experts this week at lower levels where I can do a bit of running with air! I’ll share my results when they’re back!

Share your experience with fatigue or breathlessness if you’ve had some.


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