If You’re Serious About Weight Loss, Belly Fat Loss, and More Energy in 2017

Then this is a must-do.

For 32 years I’ve worked with primarily women. Some who wanted to run marathons or triathlons. Many who wanted to lose weight, or feared fractures because of osteoporosis. Some had cancer, fibromyalgia, or over 100 lbs. to lose. Some simply wanted to kick fatigue to the curb and feel better about themselves and fit back into the clothes in the back of their closets.

I’m moving into 2017 working with only women who are ready to invest in themselves and make a real transformation. If you are looking for a quick fix and a $19 program you’ll do for a month this is not your program and I am not your coach.

The diet and exercise industry embarrasses me frequently. I’m taking a stand and I hope you will too. In 2017 we’ve come a long way and we’ve also gone backwards. Science is much more advanced. The problem is you’re not getting the full story and you can’t sort out the conflicting information that may be simple marketing copy crafted to trigger a weak moment of frustration and the real science.

As a fitness professional who began because I wanted to share the elation and energy I found somewhere in the back of the room of exercise classes and moving from walking to jogging, I am a teacher. But I’ve had to become a marketer. In order to compete with those who are marketers selling fitness and NOT fitness professionals who want to help, it has been a must.

Here’s what I’ve learned. It’s a numbers game. The most frequent and loudest messages get the most responses. It doesn’t matter if they are RIGHT, or supported by science, it only matters if you see them, and hear them most. The art of persuasion is always at work and human nature is to believe what we see and hear most often must be true.

So, sadly, big marketers can win even if their message is not backed by a desire to truly help.

So, I’ll say it one more time. If you want a quick fix – another “diet” or a fast track 21 Day get-fit-quick exercise program, I am not your girl, this is not your site, and there is no reason to read further. If you are not willing to invest in a long term change that includes education, and you get frustrated by someone sharing with you the “why” then this is not your page. You’ll find a thousand more out there and some so much better at marketing than I am that you’ll buy them, believe them, and for a short time at least be happier with them.

If you’re still reading, then I have something to share with you.

The Flipping 50 Cafe Membership has existed for a year. I’ve added recipes, challenges, webinars, expert interviews, discount coupons, and more all year exclusive to the Cafe members. Recently I’ve added a Movement library in answer to all the questions about joints and muscle injury that you’ve asked. In 2017 I’m changing the way the Cafe serves you. If you’re currently in, or get in before Jan 1, 2017 you’ll continue to pay 2016 rates for 2017. Even as I add weekly live exercise classes, 40% discounts on shakes (a monthly limit to your order), additional live coaching events online, along with each of the existing Cafe perks. (pun intended!) Read on.

deb-boat-1Women are busy. We tend to fill our schedules and to do lists with more than we could possibly get done in a day. Agree?


It’s no wonder that we end up fatigued, hacking into our sleep time, and then putting weight on around the middle with hormone changes and increasing stress (and sometimes decreasing stress). We sometimes default to old patterns of dieting and exercise that just don’t work!

What’s the answer?

Even if you have the financial ability, do you have the time and energy to meet with:

  • a personal trainer to create a fitness program that increases your energy
  • a medical exercise specialist to help navigate your special conditions
  • a yoga instructor to help you balance your mind and body and move with ease
  • a nutrition coach to learn simple eating strategies (flips) to feel better without a diet
  • a life wellness coach to help you create lifestyle habits so you thrive

and research the ever-updating data about your changing hormone needs to get the energy you want to get and keep?

I can help you with all those.

Your energy is based on a combination of what you eat, how you move, what you think, and who you spend your time with. Here’s how I help you address each of these inside the Cafe:

Nutrition: Start Your Lean High Energy Body

Your body is your tool for living and loving life. We want to make this vehicle run smoothly on all cylinders. I’ll teach you which foods turn on inflammation and cause cravings and weight gain. We’ll show you which foods turn off inflammation and keep you satisfied, with glowing skin and tons of energy because you’re putting in the best fuel. I’ll also show you how timing of food matters and supports your energy. Your habits and taste buds will change so you’ll begin to crave your new way of eating without feeling like you ever need a diet again. You can stop letting food run your life and start getting pleasure from it.

Food logs, journaling, restaurant menus, sample meal plans and recipes will help you transition to new relationship for a busy lifestyle (work, home, travel, social life) so you can release stubborn fat still enjoy the party.

Nutrition rules have changed and diets don’t work. The question for you is likely, what does? I can help you with that and we’ll focus on walking you through the steps to eliminate hidden energy drains in what you eat. Food should be a pleasurable source of energy in your life, not run your life. No matter what other roles they play, women tend to spend a lot of time preparing food, thinking about food, and letting food run them. It’s time to make peace.


Fitness is a big part of getting the results you want. We’ll create a plan that helps you lose stubborn fat and gain tone based on how hormones in midlife change the game. We’ll create a new strategy that will be safe, sane, and simple to follow. I’ll show you how to assess your body’s movement needs and teach you how to choose exercise you love that fits your life. You’ll dump extreme exercise and constant thoughts of need for a punishing or boring workout in exchange for 20-minute routines that get great results with or without equipment. If you’re traveling you’ll see how easily fitness works to end jet lag and help you feel better not just tired.

How you move plays a big part in how you feel. Motion drives emotion. Without exercise your body simply will not function as it should. Exercise should enhance your life not run it. Who has the time to exercise for an hour a day any more? The real answer is few of us need it or should. The best exercise for you is revealed in the signs and symptoms your hormones are putting out.

When you have the exercise and the nutrition both under control you will feel great.


You’ll identify how stress is a common denominator for aging, fatigue, brain fog, and disease and how you can prevent it. You’ll learn simple flips for eating, exercise, and lifestyle that will help you lose weight again. You’ll understand why you’ve been gaining belly fat or experiencing cellulite, getting foggy and forgetful, feeling exhausted or but unable to sleep even though you’ve been eating well and exercising. We’ll help you stop settling for this as your new normal and get you feeling great again.

What you think about your stress matters far more than how much stress you have. Your body handles all stress the same so when we together create a stress toolkit for you we can increase your energy. When you decrease stress with the nutrition and exercise changes that you learn and add joy you’ll let go of negativity and begin to make room for something better. Weight loss will become easier and your energy will soar.


Above all things a resilient mindset makes the most difference. You can have the tools and learn the skillset to do something but without the mindset it’s like putting your foot on the pedal without any gas in the tank. I’m going to teach you how to reprogram the message you send yourself and strengthen you so you’re not pulled down by external messages. You’re sending messages to yourself all the time every day. Together we’ll help increase your awareness of what you’ve been saying and how to flip the recording so it helps you tap into the inner strength that is already there.

You are stronger than you think.

Lifestyle Habits

Small hinges open big doors. I’ll teach you how little changes in daily habits you already have mean more energy, less fatigue, and more productivity, creativity and even job satisfaction if you’re working. You’ll create small changes one-by-one that will move your energy needle in big ways.

I’ll show you how the things you do all day can matter as much or more than exercise in either draining you of energy or in giving you more than you’ve had in years.

Hormone Balancing

Your midlife hormones change and make your exercise and nutrition type and timing different than they’ve ever been before. I’ll show you the connection between your hormones and your energy, weight, stress level and your libido so you can make choices that balance you best. We’ll create a routine so that you can pull it all together. I’ll teach you how to read and interpret your signs and symptoms to create a plan that puts you back in your best balance. I wrote the book on hormones and exercise and I’m going to give you the tools to reset your energy and work with your hormones rather than against them. If you’re testing, or supplementing, we’ll use that information so you’re not running from one expert to another trying to pull it all together by yourself.


What’s included in the Café in 2017:

  • Exclusive BIG (40%) discounts every day all year (protein shakes, video series, course, programs that come up)
  •             A digital excerpt of You Still Got It Girl! the book
  •             Monthly LIVE coaching webinar
  •             Monthly seasonal recipes from experts & authors, & my testing kitchen
  •             Monthly challenges (exercise, nutrition, mindset)
  •             Live weekly workouts (FB group) recordings there when you want them
  •             Movement Library: How-to and Joint-By-Joint solutions
  •             Exclusive Expert Interviews Quarterly
  •             Quarterly Private SOS call with Debra –whenever you need it most
  •             The 28-Day Kickstart -One complimentary registration after 12 months for reset
  •             Plus A buddy pass for 50% off
  • Private FB group community: 24/7 support: ask questions, share successes, get special notices

This isn’t just exercise. It’s about more than weight loss. This is complete whole-person change. You won’t just learn a few strategies and move on to the next program or diet.

You may start raw, low on energy, frustrated, and exhausted. You’re going to finish having created the life and lifestyle you want.

The Café membership is $97/month beginning Jan 1 for as long as you want to continue. You can stop your membership at any point (but, why would you?)

RIGHT NOW YOU CAN JOIN FOR $189 for the entire year. (ends Dec 31, midnight)

Private coaching with me for 90 Days is $1197. Or join the Café for a year and really change the way you think, eat, move, and live.

If private coaching feels like the best option for you: The Café membership is complimentary with VIP Coaching ($1197) during your coaching for 3 months.


Sunday that option is gone and month-to-month memberships are $97.

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