How to Get Off a Weight Loss Plateau After 50

This post is all about how to get off a weight loss plateau. It’s sponsored by the good folks Sleep Number. A sincere thanks to my client, Jennifer for sharing her story. All thoughts in this post are my own.

A weight loss plateau is frustrating. After 50, it can seem downright hopeless. You’re already trying to do something you may feel you should have done years ago, and wishing you’d been more proactive about it before it became a problem. That makes for both physical and mental challenges that can stall you.

If that resonates with you, then please keep reading and watch the video. It’s real, and it’s not about some success story of a size 8 woman going to a size 2. It’s about getting on the path to success and improving the quality of your entire life. You can experience tremendous improvement by simply choosing to start.

Whether you’re like my client Jennifer and you have health risks or additional weight gain, or you have less than 20 pounds to lose and just can’t seem to find the key, this post could be a breakthrough for you.

Hidden Tool to Get Off a Weight Loss Plateau

You know the tools for weight loss. Exercise and diet changes have always been a part of the weight loss process. If you’re trying unsuccessfully to get off a weight loss plateau, that may be all you’re focused on.

There’s more to the answers and they aren’t as intuitive or as easy to implement. We love to have tangible solutions. Stress and sleep habits are also a part of the puzzle. They’re less tangible! Rather than put your shoes on to go for a walk, you might just need to stay home and relax. If quality sleep seem like a good idea to you but you don’t know how, this post can help.

During my relationship with Jennifer (who has given permission to share her story in order to help others) we shifted her exercise schedule and her nutrition quite drastically. Yet, she was still not seeing results in terms of weight loss or body composition as quickly as we would have hoped.

If you have made the changes needed regarding exercise and diet, and yet still aren’t losing weight, stress might be your problem. Stress from all sources can make your body hold onto stored fat. And, lack of sleep is a definite source of stress. Research has proved this. We also know key hormone levels that support lean muscle and release fat (Growth hormone and cortisol) are nurtured by sleep.

The lingering changes Jennifer needed to make to get off a weight loss plateau revolved around sleep. She’d always functioned on little sleep, but had no idea how badly it was harming her. If you’re like Jennifer and think it’s “normal” to be sleep deprived, you too may need to take this step.

So, how can you take tangible steps toward better quality sleep (and thus, a healthier, happier life!)?

Prioritize sleep.

Our society doesn’t do this. There are sources of constant stimulation around us at all hours of the day. Learn to shut them off. Unplug. Detach from the noise. Commit to a personal sleep project for a month and see what happens.

Create evening rituals that match your morning wake up calls.

Work backwards from your wake time to be sure you’re at least resting in bed for 7-8 hours.

Begin your day at the same time each morning. Avoid sleeping in so you can reset your body clock and keep a consistent schedule. Routine is key!

Sleep can be the missing link to get off a weight loss plateau. It can also provide you with more energy than you knew was possible. Even for those of us who believe we sleep well, there’s a good chance upgrading your sleep game can change your life for the better!

I’ve been sleeping on the Sleep Number 360 smart bed since January. Words can’t describe how much I love it!

Got sleep issues? or sleep success stories? I’d love to hear from you! Add your comments!

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